Our Weekly Jackpot Report for January Week 4

Our Weekly Jackpot Report for January Week 4 gives you an update on how each of the major progressive jackpots is looking! (Image by Tumisu at pixabay.com)

A few weeks back, we created a post that looked at each of the major progressive jackpot networks. We spoke about their current size, their average payout, average payout frequency, and how long it has been since the last payout.

With that information at hand, we could give you an idea of whether it is a good time to play each of the jackpots. Well, we thought we would make this a regular thing, by giving you weekly updates on the progressive jackpot networks so that you can keep an eye on them.

In that report, we quickly established that many of the main progressives, whether the Mega Moolah or WowPot jackpot networks, or jackpots on progressives titles such as Playtech’s Jackpot Giant and or Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune from NetEnt, were due to payout.

Having looked at each of them again, the good news is that none have paid out since then. We have seen smaller jackpots on the WowPot, but nobody has won any of the main jackpots. They have just grown even larger and gone further past their sell-by dates.

To give you a brief example, the last time somebody won the Mega Moolah Main Jackpot was on the 16th of November last year. That winner walked away with £5,618,044. That was 66 days ago, which is three weeks over the average 42 days payout frequency of that jackpot. This is the same case for many other jackpots we’ve been tracking.

A Full Rundown in our Jackpot Report for January Week 4

In the following table, you will see what we mean. The WowPot and Mega Moolah jackpots have both gone on much longer than normal before paying out. The Mega Moolah currently has a jackpot that is bigger than its average payout, while the WowPot is currently just below its average. If there was ever a time to have a few spins on either, now is that time. It has to be worth it for the chance of scooping £7 or 8 million!

The same goes for Playtech’s Jackpot Giant, which currently sits at over 6 million euros (1.5 million more than its average payout) and has not paid out in over two years! Previously, it would payout every 5 months on average. Even if you go down the list to some of the relatively smaller jackpot totals, you can see that many should be on the verge of paying out. Arabian Nights, King Cashalot, and MegaJackpots have remained unclaimed for massive lengths of time compared to the average!

Progressive Jackpot Current Jackpot Average Win Average Payout Frequency Since Last Payout
Mega Moolah (Microgaming) £7,824,701 £7,364,337 42 Days 65 Days
WowPot (Microgaming) £7,058,766 £7,065,703 66 Days 150 Days
Jackpot Giant (Playtech) €6,224,218 €4,956,001 159 Days 870 Days
Hall of Gods (NetEnt) €1,873,269 €2,154,020 187 Days 184 Days
Arabian Nights (NetEnt) €1,639,981 €1,930,690 151 Days 470 Days
Mega Fortune (NetEnt) €1,777,485 €3,380,302 151 Days 491 Days
King Cashalot (Microgaming) £1,587,473 £665,436 264 Days 436 Days
MegaJackpots (IGT) £1,507,024 £893,634 57 Days 359 Days
Major Millions (Microgaming) £843,321 £1,162,621 30 Days 98 Days
Gladiator (Playtech) €717,687 €627,373 81 Days 104 Days