The following guide will cover the ins and outs of Neosurf payments and everything you need to know, from how to use Neosurf for day-to-day purchases and how to use this digital and anonymous, payment method to fund online casinos. You will also find lists of online casinos that accept Neosurf and offer bonus deals alongside this deposit option!

The 1920s saw loyalty cards and rewards schemes being introduced, and then the ’50s saw the rise of the credit card. Since then, the world has continued to seek more convenient ways to spend money. The past ten years have seen an enormous rise in cashless methods due to rapidly advancing digital technology.

Quick Facts

  • Neosurf has been available since 2004.
  • Neosurf is one of the most popular prepaid cards globally.
  • You can top your card using cash and deposit anonymously at online casinos.
  • Anonymous payments mean casino deposits will not appear on your bank statements.
  • Registered in France under Company Number SIREN 478502321.
  • European Union licensed by FIN-FSA (Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority).

Casinplusbonus Countries Neosurf Casino Payments are Available

We cover six main geos that all have English-speaking markets. Out of those six countries only one country does not have NeoSurf payments readily available, which is India. For more information about payments options in your country, you can head to the best online casino page relevant to your place of residence.

Online Casino Country Currency
UK Online Casinos GBP
South African Online Casinos ZAR
Canadian Online Casinos CAD
New Zealand Online Casinos NZD
Irish Online Casinos EUR

Safety and Anonymity of Prepaid Cards

Neosurf is an easy, secure and anonymous way of paying for things safely on the internet, without the need for using a bank account or credit card. Remaining anonymous is a preference for some as they don’t feel comfortable with the thought of leaving a trail of activity.

The fact that you don’t need to enter any bank details eliminates the possibility of online fraud or stealing of information, as even if you did get hacked, there would be no sensitive information to steal, this is why it is so safe and this is how you can remain anonymous in your activity.

When purchasing a Neosurf prepaid card, you will receive a 10-digit security code that code you would then simply enter into the payment screen when making a purchase. Only you will know that code, it’s not possible for it to be leaked as each voucher is protected against fraud!

High level of security

  • Anonymous transactions through code-based cash voucher cards
  • Secure 128-bit encrypted money transfer at Neosurf Casinos
  • EU-regulated payment provider from France
  • Maximum security through ten-digit prepaid codes
  • Top up casino credit with cash using vouchers at the petrol station
  • No payment details from current accounts or credit card required

Online Casinos Offering Bonuses for Neosurf Users

Anyone using Neosurf prepaid vouchers from the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, or South Africa can use Neosurf as a payment method to claim casino bonuses just like they would qualify for them when using a regular banking method of pay.  In actual fact, some online casinos are targeting Neosurf users as they look for safer ways for their loyal customers to gamble. Many casinos are now offering bonuses exclusively to Neosurf users, meaning there are even more reasons to be using this payment method.

Some gaming operators have come under fire a little over the years as they have fallen victim to online cyber-crime, meaning that their customers and their reputation took a massive blow! However, Neosurf helps to keep things private, anonymous, and risk-free which benefits the casino and the players alike!

Using Neosurf gives all involved an extra security boost and so this is why casinos are pushing in the direction of prepayment vouchers. Its anonymous payment solution means no bank details need to be shared online which is as secure as any payment system can offer!

Neosurf Casino Bonus Info

  • The welcome bonus with a deposit + free spins is the most popular bonus
  • A €-£-$ 10 Neosurf Casino deposit for bonus activation is common internationally
  • No deposit bonus & free spin sign up bonuses are also popular
  • Note that some offers require a bonus code to be activated
  • Most bonus offers come with wagering requirements
  • Always check the bonus terms/rules for max bets & expiry

How to Buy Neosurf Cards Online or in a High Street Store

You can visit the Neosurf main webpage here – how-to-buy-neosurf. On this page you will find two main options and we researched both options to give you an accurate account of which countries you can buy a Neosurf card at a high street store, and how to buy a card online.

Find Sales Outlet

  • New Zealand: There are over 7000 points of sale with cards available for NZ$10 to N$300.
  • The UK: There are over 30,000 points of sale with cards available for £10 to £100.
  • Canada: There are over 26,000 points of sale with cards available for CA$10 to £250.
  • Republic of Ireland: There are over 100 points of sale with cards available for €10 to €100.
  • South Africa: There are no sales outlets where you can physically buy a Neosurf top up voucher.

Buy Online

  • Simply sign up for a free account online and purchase your Neosurf voucher online.
  • You need to be 18 or over to open an account.
  • You can top up using bank transfer in any currency.
NeoSurf Online or Local Stores

Making Online Casino Deposits Using Neosurf

Entering long lists of information into a profile is now a thing of the past with the super simple, super quick way in which Neosurf prepaid works. Historically, you have had to enter all of your sensitive information onto a computer screen in order to make a deposit, but now, it is as simple as typing just 10-digits!

When you purchase a Neosurf prepayment voucher, you receive a 10-digit security number. This number you then just enter into the payment screen and the value is immediately credited into your playing account. It really is as simple as that. Some casinos will have a minimum deposit amount, so just check with that first, but most casinos that accept Neosurf will let you deposit as little as €-£-$ 10 and up to as much as €-£-$ 250 in one time.

Notice how the deposit process is kept simple and your personal payment details are left out.

Limitations for max deposits and claiming bonus offers

What you should definitely find out in advance is the minimum amount required for the deposit. As a rule of thumb, most Neosurf casinos will not accept the €-£-$ 10 voucher. These same min-max checks also apply to the maximum amount you can deposit. Some casinos will accept a maximum of €-£-$ 100per transaction via Neosorf, and as such the casino will not accept any voucher above this amount.

If you want to deposit more than the maximum accepted transaction amount, you can deposit multiple times in a row. The issue that arises with bonuses is that you only claim bonus deals with one deposits. That means the maximum deposit match you can claim is €-£-$ 100 per transaction.

Depositing to Neosurf Casinos

Neosurf Casino Einzahlung
  • Log into the Neosurf Casino
  • Select the prepaid deposit option in the payment portfolio
  • Enter the desired amount for your deposit deposit
  • Now enter the 10-digit voucher code (10-digit PIN)
  • The deposit amount will be credited to your account immediately
  • Always note the min-max deposits for Neosurf casinos

Neosurf Bonus Deposits: If an online casino offers a 100% deposit match up to €-£-$ 200 but it only accepts a maximum of €-£-$ 100 via Neosurf per transaction, you will only be able to claim €-£-$ 100 worth of the deposit match. Multiple deposits will not work in this case because the welcome bonus can only be claimed with 1 deposit. As such online casinos with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th deposit bonus offers may be more suitable to you!

Making Online Casino Withdrawals Using Neosurf

The withdrawal aspect of using Neosurf is a little tricky. As this is a pre-paid voucher, there is not currently an option to withdraw by receiving a Neosurf card back from the casino. Perhaps it is something for the future as we are now seeing with Paysafecard. Consequently, when it comes to making a withdrawal, you will need an alternative financial method available to you. Bank transfers are quite common but not always possible depending on the region you are playing from. Other options include e-wallets which some casinos will allow you to use for the purpose of cash-outs if you used Neosurf to pay into the casino.

Although it is not possible to make a withdrawal at Neosurf Casinos with a prepaid card, individual eWallets can be topped up free of charge with a prepaid card. You use a payment provider in the online casino who qualifies for deposits and withdrawals and conveniently top up your eWallet credit with cash vouchers from Neosurf. In this way you bypass credit cards and banks and, above all, these transactions are mostly free of charge!

Withdrawing From Neosurf Casinos

Neosurf Casino Auszahlung
  • With a Neosurf card, it is not possible to cash out
  • A deposit method with no withdrawal option
  • You can withdraw using Neteller or ecoPayz eWallets
  • You can make a withdrawal at any time by bank transfer
  • Always check the casino’s maximum withdrawal policy

Pros and Cons of Using Neosurf in an Online Casino

There are several pros to using Neosurf, but possibly none more so than the safety aspect of it. Financial and personal safety is paramount and so the protection you receive through this method is priceless. Another advantage of using this method of payment is the time it takes to deposit your cash. We have spent hours filling in information only for it to repeat itself again and again. The 10-digit quick pay method you get when using Neosurf will save you so much time. A further reason to use Neosurf is the bonuses out there, exclusively available for Neosurf users. Competition is high in the industry so you can expect to find some fantastic bonuses on offer.

For almost everything, there are pros and cons – and Neosurf is no different. However, the cons with Neosurf are not so bad. The first would be the deposit limit of €250 not being ideal for the higher rollers out there. Some players wish to make large deposits and that is not possible at one time with Neosurf. Secondly, is the withdrawal issue of not being able to withdraw Neosurf credit being inconvenient and finding other methods in which to withdraw any winnings could be time-consuming and often, withdrawals into a bank account are not instantaneous.

In our opinion, there are two disadvantages to be named. The first is that it is not possible to request a Neosurf Casino withdrawal so you need to open an account with another provider to accept withdrawals or use bank transfer which can be quite slow. The second disadvantage is the amount the Neosurf vouchers are worth. If the casino only accepts €-£-$ 100 vouchers maximum, you have to purchase multiple cards and make multiple deposits to deposit above this amount, and this could also affect the maximum bonus you can claim, which would be €-£-$ 100 in this instance!

  • Buy cash credits for casino gaming with Neosurf
  • Very fast & anonymous deposits in a few seconds
  • Minimal Neosurf casino fees
  • Budget management through prepaid limits
  • Load eWallets with Neosurf and use them for casino deposits and withdrawals
  • Neosurf casino deposits might be limited €-£-$ 100
  • Unsuitable for high rollers
  • A direct payout with Neosurf is not possible
  • You must choose a different payment provider to withdraw your winnings
  • Can limit the amount you can claim via bonus offers

Reliable Alternatives Payments

Safety is of the highest importance when dealing with online payments. There are hundreds of payment options available out there but not all of them have been given the seal of approval by regulatory bodies. Here are some reliable alternatives for you:

eWallets: These have been around a while and are increasingly popular in today’s digitalised society. Reputable eWallets are a very quick method of transferring money but be warned that they often incur quite high fees when transferring to and from a bank account.

Anonymous payment options

  • Paysafecard (Online top-up voucher similar to Neosurf)
  • Cryptocurrency (Uses a public key)

The Best Neosurf Alternatives

  • Paysafecard is the only prepaid alternative
  • You can use prepaid credit cards as an option
  • Giropay or Trustly are fast alternatives
  • eWallets from ecoPayz, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are good alternatives
  • Pay anonymously with cryptocurrencies at crypto casinos

Other prepaid cards

Prepaid cards could well be the future of online transactions, but for now, they are still in a relatively early stage of development. That being said, there are only a couple that can be described as reputable and trusted.

  • Paysafecard
  • Cash-to-Code

Debit Cards / Credit Cards

Still the most common way to make a transaction. The disadvantages are well documented with using debit and credit cards, however, there are a couple of trusted servers that provide a high level of assurances.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard

 Open / Online Bank

Online banking is a strong system that requires login details, offers instant deposits and is widely used across the world. There are many advantages to using them, but it is strongly advised to go with a proven company.

  • Giropay
  • Trustly
  • Interac

Cryptocurrency Anonymity

There is another anonymous option that is similar to using pre-paid cards. Cryptocurrencies use a ‘Public Key’ to complete transactions. These keys are slightly more complex than simply entering a 10-digit key from the pre-paid voucher. An example of a BTC (bitcoin) public address is 2G9McskynvAcwydeahwtZrh6uTnFugUGa4, and if you get one character wrong, your transaction could be lost forever. However, it is anonymous as there is no need to provide bank details and at some crypto casinos, you don’t even need to give the casino any information about yourself at all. On top of this, cryptos often come with low minimum deposits and high maximum withdrawal limits!

For more information about cryptocurrency payments, please read our guide here – Cryptocurrencies in online casinos.


We have already looked at some vital information about using Neosurf, but there are still a few more things that you may have been wondering about. Here are 10 useful answers to questions that you may have had about the whole Neosurf experience.

Are Neosurf casino transactions traceable?

No, they are not traceable, not by any third party. However, in an online casino, of course, the player would have to register an account in order to use a Neosurf prepaid voucher because otherwise, the casino wouldn’t know who to credit should they win. So, in terms of traceability, the casino will be the only one that knows how you spent your voucher, it could not be traced by any other person or organisation.

Do I still qualify for online casino bonuses when using Neosurf?

Absolutely, yes. Neosurf prepaid vouchers are recognised as legal tender and therefore they are treated just like any other payment method. As you are not depositing using a bank card, you could say that you actually receive your bonuses quicker than you would use traditional methods, as you are not required to enter all personal details associated with the card.

What is the minimum deposit in an online casino when using Neosurf?

Depending on your currency, you can purchase a prepaid voucher for as little as €5. After purchasing a voucher, you can then go online to use your credit. There will be some online casinos that accept a small starting deposit, like €5, but some casinos may require a little more than others, as you might expect. There are even casinos that offer you a no deposit bonus where you would receive credit without depositing any money at all!

Are there any unexpected prepaid card fees to watch out for?

Not really, no. If an establishment is accepting Neosurf, then there is no reason for them to charge any fees. You would not expect any fees if using cash or paying by card, and so, prepaid is no different. If you happen to encounter an operation that does charge fees, it would be advised to question its legitimacy. The only fees you might face is a small processing fee after creating a myNeosurf account and depositing into an eWallet, but this is quite standard procedure.

Can I move my Neosurf credit into a different brand?

You definitely can, but there is a limit of 250 EUR. So, if you can imagine that you have 300 EUR on your Neosurf account, you could transfer 250 onto another card. This allows you a great freedom should you come across an operator that does not accept Neosurf.

Where can I buy Neosurf?

You have a wealth of options when it comes to purchasing a Neosurf prepaid voucher. Conveniently, Neosurf can be purchased in convenience stores, tobacconists, supermarkets and internet cafes, along with several other types of location. If location is an issue for you, then you can purchase Neosurf prepaid, online, making it highly accessible to everyone, however, if you are buying online then you will lose your anonymity as you’ll have to enter your private information. Neosurf is available to buy over the counter in 45 countries worldwide and can be used online with thousands of operations for shopping or in online casinos.

What denominations of Neosurf cash vouchers can I buy?

Neosurf vouchers are available for purchase from as little as €5 and as much as €250, but it all depends on where you go to purchase them. Commonly, they are sold in denominations of €5, €10, €15, €20, €30, €50, €100 and €250. However, some sellers will only sell in certain denominations and it is important to note that some sellers will charge a small service fee too. Once you have bought your Neosurf prepaid voucher, the value of it will not change and the voucher will not expire, so you can rest assured that it is a safe investment.

Where can I use myNeosurf voucher?

eWallets are a common accessory to have and Neosurf vouchers are transferable to them are using myNeosurf. If you wish to directly use your Neosurf voucher then there are many operators that accept them as legal tender, such as online shops, online casinos, Neteller Net, ecoPayz Ecocard and Amazon. As time goes by, we can expect more and more operators to recognise Neosurf, but even today, you have many opportunities to utilise your vouchers.

Can I use Neosurf codes in the online casino?

Many online casinos that have the appropriate licenses will offer the option of Neosurf payment. Online casinos registered in the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK, South Africa, and India will have gone through a strict licensing procedure and so you can be assured that payment with Neosurf will be very safe and reliable. The process for depositing online is made easy by simply just entering a 10-digit security code.

Can I take Neocash as a payment when withdrawing from an online casino account?

This is still in development and perhaps something for the future. But for now, Neosurf is a deposit method only and you cannot withdraw any casino winnings and receive Neosurf cash. Look at the list above for companies that can offer a trustworthy withdrawal service.

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