Over the years, tech giant Apple has gained a loyal following of customers who appreciate its products. That is why it is only natural that everyone was excited for the launch of Apple Pay. Since its inception, we have seen an increasing number of gambling platforms offering Apple Pay online casino deposits!

Some recommended Apply Pay casinos include LeoVegas, Lapalingo Casino, and 888Casino.

What is Apple Pay?

Essentially, Apple Pay is a mobile payment option that offers maximum security. All credit card data is encrypted and neither the Apple Pay Casino nor the company itself has access to any sensitive data. Every transaction is encrypted with a dynamic security code and customers must use facial recognition or touch ID to complete transactions.

The company introduced its payment ApplePay payment system in 2014 as part of the launch of the iPhone 6 generation. The same system is available on all of the brand’s new mobile devices.

Where to Find Apple Pay Casinos

When you read one of our casino reviews, check the payments section. You will see if the casino accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. Unlike other payment methods like Neteller and Skrill, often excluded from bonuses, with ApplyPay mobile payments this rarely happens. You can claim welcome bonuses and regular promotional offers when you make a payment using this deposit method.

You can find out more about bonuses on the Casinoplusbonus homepage under the ‘Discover Online Casino Bonuses’ section around half way into the content.

A Revolutionary Mobile Payment Option

Since 2019, Apple Pay has been gaining popularity in countries such as the UK, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland. That is mostly because cashless payment options are particularly popular among mobile phone users. With iPhone App Wallet, you only need your phone to complete payments to an Apple Pay online casino.

Devices Can You Use to Make ApplePay Payments

Setting up an ApplePay account means you will need to own an iOS device. There are four common options you can use as per the bullet points below.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook
  • Apple Smartwatch

Making an Online Casino Deposit Using ApplePay

  • The Apple payment app is available on every device in the ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ settings.
  • You can store up to 12 different credit card numbers in a virtual wallet on the device.

You can use Apple for:

  • Online casino, sports book, and eSports websites
  • Making payments in high street stores
  • Payments in high street bookmakers
  • High street shopping stores simply by scanning
  • Online eCommerce stores
  • Online gaming websites

Mobile payment options like Apple Pay are convenient and most importantly, secure. Customers can use Apple Pay enabled iOS devices and pay online using a macOS computer, iPad or mobile device. This allows players to easily make deposits at Apple Pay Casinos!

Activating Your ApplePay Account

As part of the activation, the application must specify how users wish to authenticate transactions. There is an option of Touch-ID or Face-ID. From here, making a deposit at an Apple Pay Casino is simple. Players select the mobile payment method and authenticate the transaction using fingerprint or facial recognition. Funds are credited to the player’s account immediately.

In Apple Pay casinos, you can only deposit using the mobile payment method. For a payouts/chas outs/withdrawals, you have to verify your bank account or credit card, depending on the casino operators accepted withdrawal terms and conditions!

Free Payment Service

One of the best features of Apple Pay casinos is that there are no transaction fees from the Apple app itself, and online casinos also do not charge you. In fact, when you make a deposit to a gambling website that accepts this payment method, there are also no charges. Your bankroll will be topped up almost instantly.


Apple Pay has also set new security standards. Apple users can rest assured that their credit card or other sensitive payment information is not stored in any encrypted form.  When making a deposit at Apple Pay Casinos, all transactional data remains anonymous.

Finger Print or Face Recognition 2FA

Each bank card receives a random ‘Device Account Number,’ players must authenticate transactions with fingerprint or facial recognition. Apple Pay Casinos may ask for a credit card PIN code on file if the transfer amount exceeds 50 Euros.

Activation Lock

Another great feature of Apple Pay security is the ‘activation lock’ function. If a player’s device is lost or stolen, it can be locked anytime. Also, no one can use your payment options, even if they have your phone. You can lock it via iCloud using the “Activation lock” function as soon as you lose it. When selecting its gaming partners, the technology group, of course, pays attention to valid licenses. Apple Pay casinos must be regulated and licensed according to official EU standards and the official financial standards of other countries such as New Zealand, Canada, etc.

The industry-leading American hardware and software company has set security standards for its own exclusive payment method high. The process is regulated and offers you the advantage of being able to pay via your phone via fingerprint or face recognition in Apple Pay casinos!

Advantages of Apple Pay Casinos

  • Deposits are immediately credited to the player’s account 
  • Apple offers a high-level security, which is why mobile payment is one of the safest online payment methods 
  • High level of data protection – Apple Pay casinos do not store any sensitive payment information 
  • All major banks are compatible with Apple Pay
  • There are no transaction fees at Apple Pay casinos 
  • Payment is authorized by Touch-ID or Face-ID
  • Apple Pay Casinos offer a large amount of games and generous bonuse


Is it safe to pay at Apple Pay Casinos?

Apple Pay is one of the safest online payment methods. No personal data is disclosed in any transaction and information is not stored. Additionally, you must approve transactions by fingerprint or facial recognition. 

Is it legal to pay with Apple Pay in online casinos?

Absolutely! Apple Pay is legal in almost all European countries with hundreds of participating banks from our 2 primary target markets in the region which are of course the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Plus, you will find banks that cooperate with Apple Pay in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa!

Which credit cards do Apple Pay casinos accept?

Apple Pay accepts all major debit and credit cards and you can store up to 12 cards in the wallet app. It is free to make a payment to your Apple Pay wallet and free to pay into the casino thereafter.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals in online casinos with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is accepted only for deposits! In the future, it is likely it will be possible to withdraw in Apple Pay casinos using the payment app, For withdrawals, you will need to use the casino’s bank transfer option or one of the other withdrawal methods if the casino will allow you to withdraw to an account or E-wallet not used for the initial deposit.

How long does an Apple Pay casino deposit take?

Deposits are processed instantly and credited to your Apple Pay Casino account. This is as long as you have funds in your account and the payment is approved via your fingerprint or facial recognition service. 

Can I use Apple Pay in online casinos with any smartphone or tablet?

Apple Pay will only work on compatible iOS devices including iPhones, iPads, Macs etc. All you need to do is head over to the casino’s cashier area via your Apple device’s casino app or Safari/Chrome web browser, select Apple Pay and follow the procedures outlined above.

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