Progressive Jackpot Report - What is about to payout?

Our progressive jackpot report reveals which jackpots are currently ripe for winning! Our progressive jackpot report reveals which jackpots are currently ripe for winning! Mega Moolah, WowPot, Jackpot Giant, and More! (Image from Tumisu at

Ever wondered when it’s the best time to play a progressive jackpot slot is? Well, while there is no exact science, as jackpots could payout at any time, you can use previous numbers and time-spans to determine they’re due to pay!

For instance, what if we told you that Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot is now sitting higher than its average payout, and is also two weeks past its average payout frequency? That surely means the jackpot is about ready to pop, right?

This is exactly what we want to tell you about in this report, the jackpots that we feel are ripe for the picking. If there’s ever a time to play these jackpot slots, now is that time! In our first report of its kind, we can tell you that there are 6 progressive jackpots currently past their sell-by date and are boiling over as we speak. Somebody will win them soon, and just perhaps, that somebody could be you.

Currently, each of those progressive jackpots is sitting with a 6-figure jackpot. While they will continue to grow until they pay, if you leave it too long, you might miss out. Imagine having a few spins and becoming an instant millionaire!

The Mega Moolah and WowPot Jackpots Ripe for a Payout!

The Mega Moolah is probably the world’s most famous and highest-paying progressive jackpot network, though that might change because of the bigger jackpot seeds offered by the WowPot. This jackpot pays an average jackpot of £7,364,337 and, on average, pays out every 42 days. Well, currently the jackpot sits at £7,991,493 and it last paid out 56 days ago. That means it is due to pay compared to previous figures. Still, it could continue to grow into an 8-figure sum and reach some of the larger payouts recorded in the past few years.

Microgaming’s WowPot is another that has to be close to paying. It has not paid out for 141 days despite previously paying out every 66 days on average. The jackpot is sitting at £6,746,127 as we speak. Plus, if you prefer Playtech’s Jackpot Giant progressive slot, has not paid out since September 2019. It is currently €6,224,241 and usually pays once every 159 days on average.

That covers the three biggest jackpots currently available, but there are also some smaller jackpots that have overstayed their welcome. NetEnt’s Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune could net somebody a cool €1.5 – 2 million soon, while Microgaming’s King Cashalot is over double its average jackpot size and 150 days over its average payout frequency.

When the big jackpots drop, we endeavor to cover them in our news section. Hopefully, if you start playing these lukewarm progressives, it might be you we’re reporting on!

Below is a list of the current jackpots that are still available despite not paying out within their typical average period.

Progressive Jackpot Current Jackpot
Mega Moolah (Microgaming) £7,991,493
WowPot (Microgaming) £6,746,127
Jackpot Giant (Playtech) €6,224,218
Arabian Nights (NetEnt) €1,873,269
Mega Fortune (NetEnt) €1,639,981
King Cashalot (Microgaming) £1,561,617