Week 18 2022 (April)

Our Week 18 new casino games report delivers 25 new games from the last 7 days, plus we take a look at next week’s releases! (Image from casinoplusbonus.com)

If you’re looking for an accurate report of the latest new casino games that were released during the week, then you’re in the perfect place. We’re now into the 18th week of the year (doesn’t time fly?) and already we have seen close to 500 new titles released in 2022.

In the last week, there were 25 new games in total that made their debuts at the online casinos and in this report, you will learn about them all. Ultimately, this means you have a ton of new content to enjoy when you next visit your favourite online casinos.

As ever, this report likes this. We begin by mentioning the two titles we reviewed during the week before bringing you a further 7 mini-reviews of some other great new content. Then, once you think that is your lot, we bamboozle you with the full list of new content released within the last 7 days.

So, to kick things off, why not give a try to BGaming’s excellent Foxy Wild Heart and Betsoft’s Alkemore’s Elements? We reviewed both titles during the week as we feel they are two of the strongest new titles to hit the shelves this week.

Once you’re done having fun on those epic new titles, you can choose some of the 7 we have mini-reviewed as your next port of call. There are some fantastic new titles from the likes of Stakelogic, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play, and Yggdrasil for you to get your teeth into.

Recap Last Report: Did you miss our report last time around? Then you could not have picked a worse week as there were 28 fantastic new casino games released the week prior. The good news is that it is never too late to check it out. You will find that report here.

Our Week 18 2022 (April) Mini-Reviews – Another 7 Epic New Titles to Enjoy

Take a look at this lot! There are 7 mini-reviews below that we think will appeal to most of you. You can expect to see new content from leading brands including Yggdrasil, iSoftbet, Play’n GO, Red Tiger, Stakelogic, and more. Then, once you are done enjoying what those new titles have to offer, you can check out our full list of the recently released casino games at the end of this report!

North Guardians (Pragmatic Play)

North Guardians is a new video slot release from Pragmatic Play. This slot has 5×5 reels with 50 ways to win, and it has a theoretical RTP of 96.38%.

Join the Viking army and conquer the lands and load up your bank balance with thunderous wins. You will feel the force of the high volatility gameplay, with lower valued symbols, high valued Viking symbols, and the Viking King will make more winning opportunities with his wild power. To witness the true power of the Viking King, trigger the wild feature by landing the Viking markings on the same position on the reels.

The markings will move around on every spin, but if they connect, the bonus wheel will be triggered, and a pattern of wilds will be unleashed onto the reels. Land scatter symbols or use the buy bonus to gain entry to the free spins feature, where wilds will hit on every spin. During the feature round, the bonus wheel will spin on every turn. Levelling up will award additional spins, and will be key to landing the 5,000x max win! Sound impressive? Then why not play the demo version?

Combination Spin Bet Multipliers: Scatter (100x, 10x, 2x + triggers free spins), Odin Wild (15x, 4x, 0.6x), Male Gurdian (10x, 3x, 0.52x), Female Gurdian (6x, 2.4x, 0.4x), Gold Coin (3.6x, 1.5x, 0.24x), Horn (2.4x, 0.8x, 0.2x), Arrow Target (1.6x, 0.4x, 0.16x), Warrior Axe (1.2x, 0.24x, 0.12x), Red Stone (0.8x, 0.2x, 0.08x), Green Stone (0.8x, 0.2x, 0.08x), Blue Stone (0.48x, 0.12x, 0.04x), Purple Stone (0.48x, 0.12x, 0.04x), Dark Green Stone (0.48x, 0.12x, 0.04x).

North Guardians (Pragmatic Play)
  • 5×5 Reels with 50 Ways-to-Win
  • 96.38% Theoretical RTP
  • 5,000x Max Win
  • High Volatility/Variance
  • Min-Max Bet 0.50-100.00
  • Bonus Wheel
  • Free Spins + Additional Spins
  • Wilds + Additional Wilds

Hell’s Hogs (Yggdrasil)

Hell’s Hogs is the latest video slot from Yggdrasil. This slot has 5×3 reels, 20 pay lines, and it has a theoretical RTP of 95.60%.

Cruise down Highway 240 with the notorious outlaw hog gang, Hell’s Hogs, and terrorise local neighborhoods and claim a pigsty of spoils. The Swinehouse Brothers are known for their many powers, and in this slot, you can get to experience the unique skills of The Stud, Smokey, and Streaky. The game might be set in 1948, but the 3 ultra-modern features can bring wins over 10,100x the bet, and they all rely on the biker gang. The Piggy in the Middle feature will not boar you with its prize boosts and multipliers. The Biker Bash feature is a 10 free spin feature, that has a possible 30x win multiplier which can bring huge porky payouts.

The Wild Ride feature is a 5 free spin feature, which showcases a super wild on every spin. Spins 1 and 2 will guarantee 1 wild. Spins 3 and 4 will guarantee 2 wilds, and spin 5 will guarantee 3 wilds!

Combination Spin Bet Multipliers: Hells Hog Logo (25x, 5x, 2.5x, 0.2x), Diamond Symbol (8x, 2x, 0.4x), Fire Wheel (10x, 3x, 1x), Juke Box (12x, 4x, 2x), Club Symbol (5x, 1x, 0.2x), Spade Symbol (5x, 1x, 0.2x), Heart Symbol (8x, 2x, 0.4x).

Hell’s Hogs (Yggdrasil)
  • 5×3 Reels with 20 Pay Lines
  • 95.60% Theoretical RTP
  • 10,000x Max Win
  • Low Volatility/Variance
  • Min-Max Bet 0.20-100.00
  • Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Moving Wilds
  • Mystery Symbol
  • Scatters ‘trigger’ Free Spins + Re-triggers
  • Bonus Feature Game
  • Multipliers + Increasing Multipliers

Dragons Clusterbuster™ (Red Tiger)

Dragons Clusterbuster™ is Red Tiger’s latest video slot release. This video slot pays clusters on 9×9 reels, and it has a theoretical RTP of 92.17%.

Throughout history, there have been many tales of fire-breathing dragons that guard mountains of precious gold. In this slot, there are multiple dragons to contend with, meaning that the rewards will be far greater. Facing the dragons can be done by hatching the dragon egg. The dragon egg holds a 3×3 position in the centre of the reels. Landing wins in adjacent positions to it will cause the egg to crack. Crack all sides of the egg to hatch the dragon. There are 3 dragons in total.

After the first hatch, the blue dragon will trigger, and remove all lower paying symbols from the reels. The second hatch will drop wild symbols in random positions. The third hatch will attach multipliers to positions. The last hatch is the fire hatch, which will award free spins. During free spins, there is a higher possibility that any of the other features can trigger, which will edge you closer to the 7,777x max win prize! – try to hit that max win for yourself here on the Red Tiger demo version here!

Cluster Combo Multipliers: Each symbols pays different multipliers for 5+, 7+, 9+, 11+, 13+, 15+, 18+ or 20+ clusters.

(A) There are 4 high paying symbols – Crown symbols = min-max 1.5x-50x / Holy Bomb symbols = min-max 0.5x-20x / Crossing Dagger symbols = min-max 0.4x-15x / Scroll symbols = min-max 0.3x-12x.

(B) There are 4 low paying royal symbols – ‘A’ symbols = min-max 0.2x-10x / ‘K’ symbols = min-max 0.2x-8x / ‘Q’ symbols = min-max 0.1x-7x / ‘J’ symbols = min-max 0.1x-6x / ’10’ symbols = min-max 0.1x-5x.

Dragons Clusterbuster™ (Red Tiger)
  • 9×9 Grid Reels with Cluster Pays
  • 92.17% Theoretical RTP
  • 7,777x Max Win
  • High Volatility/Variance
  • Min-Max Bet 0.10-100.00
  • Cascading Symbols After Winning Spins
  • Random Wilds
  • Multipliers
  • Symbol Removal
  • Free Spins

Triple Fruit Deluxe MegaWays (iSoftBet)

Triple Fruit Deluxe MegaWays is iSoftBet’s latest video slot release. This video slot has 6 reels that can have up to 7 rows each, creating a potential 117,649 ways to win. It has a theoretical RTP range of between 96-97%.

The trance beat injects energy into the fruit-filled reels of Triple Fruit Deluxe Megaways. With every spin, the 6 reels will shape-shift, holding anywhere up to 7 rows. The bonus reel above the main reels can link up with the main reels to create juicy winning combinations. Each win will force a cascade, where winning symbols are removed and replaced with fresh fruit symbols. Trigger the free spins feature to head to the VIP area of the club. During the bonus round, landing diamonds will award additional free spins to ensure that the party goes on.

Look out for special star symbols, as these can trigger bonus reels. One bonus reel will award mystery symbols, and the other bonus reel guarantees a spin with the maximum ways to win!

Combination Spin Bet Multipliers: Dollar Symbol (10x, 5x, 2x, 0.40x, 0.20x), 7 Symbol (2.50x, 1.25x, 0.50x, 0.50x), BAR Symbol (1x, 0.60x, 0.30x, 0.15x), Bell Symbol (0.75x, 0.40x, 0.30x, 0.15x), Melon Symbol (0.50x, 0.30x, 0.20x, 0.10x), Plum Symbol (0.50x, 0.30x, 0.20x, 0.10x), Grapes Symbol (0.40x, 0.25x, 0.15x, 0.10x), Orange Symbol (0.30x, 0.20x, 0.15x, 0.10x), Lemon Symbol (0.25x, 0.15x, 0.10x, 0.05x), Cherry Symbol (0.20x, 0.15x, 0.10x, 0.05x)

Triple Fruit Deluxe MegaWays (iSoftBet)
  • 6×7 Reels 117,649 Megaways (Ways-to-Win)
  • 96-97% Theoretical RTP Range
  • Medium/High Volatility/Variance
  • Min-Max Bet 0.20-20.00 per spin.
  • Cascading Symbols After Winning Spins
  • Wild Symbol + Mystery Symbols
  • Buy Bonus ‘OR’ Scatters ‘trigger’ Free Spins
  • Symbol Collect Feature
  • Win Multipliers

Candy Wild Bonanza (Stakelogic)

Candy Wild Bonanza is Stakelogic’s newly released video slot. This slot has 6×6 reels where symbols can pay from anywhere, and it has a theoretical RTP of 95.74%.

In a wonderland full of sweet candy treats, spectacular spins can be rewarded with magnificent multipliers. In this super treacly slot, symbols pay from anywhere on the reels, and cascades will trigger when landing winning combinations. Land scatter symbols to get to the bonus feature, or use the buy bonus if you are so eager for a sugar rush. In the feature, you will be awarded 3 re-spins, and the objective is to fill the empty reels with prizes. These prizes can be cash sums, or there are even special symbols that will give the feature a real boost.

There is a collector symbol that will collect all cash values on the reels and future cash symbols. There is the multiplier symbol that will multiply cash symbols on every spin until the end of the round, and there are even jackpot symbols worth up to 500x. Fill all positions to claim the Grand jackpot of 1000x.

Pay Anywhere Combination Multipliers: Each symbol pays different multipliers for 8-9, 10-11, 12-30+ winning combinations.

Teddy Bear Symbol (50x, 25x, 10x), Rainbow Lolly Symbol (25x, 10x, 2.50x), Purple Lolly Symbol (15x, 5x, 2x), Red Heart Symbol (12x, 2x, 1.50x), Orange Star Symbol (10x, 1.50x, 1x), Blue Circle Symbol (8x, 1.20x, 0.80x), Blue Diamond Symbol (5x, 1x, 0.50x), Green Triangle Symbol (4x, 0.90x, 0.40x), Yellow Crescent Symbol (2x, 0.75x, 0.25x)

Candy Wild Bonanza (Stakelogic)
  • 6×6 Reels – Symbols Pay Anywhere
  • 95.74% Theoretical RTP
  • 20,000x Max Win
  • Med-High Volatility/Variance
  • Min-Max Bet 0.20-40.00
  • Cascading Symbols After Winning Spins
  • Bonus Bet & Buy Bonus Options
  • Scatters ‘trigger’ Bonus
  • Re-spins
  • Mystery Symbol
  • Multipliers

5 Pots O’ Riches (Blueprint Gaming)

5 Pots O’ Riches is Blueprint Gaming’s newly released video slot. This slot has 20 pay lines, 5×3 reels, and it has a theoretical RTP of 95.50%.

As legend has it, there is always a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and this video slot title is loaded with them. The popular Irish theme is on display yet again, with the mischievous leprechaun playing an important role. The reels have a bonus reel nestled on top of them, where special bonuses will land on every spin. If a leprechaun symbol lands on the reels, then the bonus above that reel will be triggered. It could be wilds, symbol collect, lucrative multipliers, or you could even be awarded a spin on the bonus wheel.

The bonus wheel has 2 parts to it, the inner sectors will display a number of free spins, and the outer sectors show a multiplier value. This multiplier will be taken into the free spins feature and applied to all wins. The leprechaun is up to his old tricks in the feature, collecting boosters from the bonus reel, which could include additional free spins.

Combination Spin Bet Multipliers: Wild Symbol (1000x, 150x, 50x) Leprechaun Hat (1000x, 150x, 50x), Harp (500x, 100x, 20x), Beer (500x, 100x, 20x), Four-Leafed Clover (200x, 50x, 10x), Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten (100x, 25x, 5x).

5 Pots O’ Riches (Blueprint Gaming)
  • 5×3 Reels with 20 Pay Lines
  • 95.50% Theoretical RTP
  • Medium Volatility/Variance
  • Min-Max Bet 0.20-125.00
  • Wild Symbol
  • Bonus Bet
  • Bonus Wheel
  • Multipliers
  • Free Spins + Additional Spins
  • Bonus Reel Feature

Lordi Reel Monsters (Play’n GO)

Lordi Reel Monsters is the latest video slot from Play’n GO. This slot pays clusters on 7×7 reels, and it has a theoretical RTP range of 96-97%.

Lordi is the hottest ticket in town, and you have a front-row ticket. The famous Eurovision winners are about to put on the performance of a lifetime, which will lead to rockin’ wins. With each winning cluster, a cascade will occur and bring a smokescreen of new symbols. Winning symbols are collected into the demon charger, that when full, will unleash satanic spells. After the first full charge, a monster will be released. Mr Lordi will add up to 8 wilds to the reels. Hella will protect 2 symbol types and wilds, and destroy the rest.

Amen can transform up to 5 symbol types into different symbols. Mana will change a symbol type into wilds, and Hiisi creates a win. Charge the demon charger twice, and prepare for some fiendish free spins. The Reel Monsters feature adds a cascade multiplier, and the Better Hate Than Never feature adds a wild collector, both with monsters guaranteed which give the best chance at a 4,000x max win! You can find out more about this epic new title on the Play’n Go website!

Cluster Combo Multipliers: Each symbol will pay different multipliers for clusters of 5+, 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 12+, and 15+ matching symbols.

(A) There are 5 high paying symbols – Lordi = min-max 2.5x – 250x / Hella = min-max 2x-200x / Amen = min-max 1.5x-150x / Hilsi = 1.2x-120x / Mana = min-max 1x-100x.

(B) There’s also 5 low paying symbols – Red Token = min-max 0.5x-50x / Orange Token = min-max 0.4x-40x / Green Token = min-max 0.3x-30x / Purple Token = min-max 02x-20x / Blue Token = min-max 0.1x-10x.

Lordi Reel Monsters (Play’n GO)
  • 7×7 Grid Reels with Cluster Pays
  • 96-97% Theoretical RTP
  • High Volatility/Variance
  • 4,000x, Max Win
  • Min-Max Bet 0.10-100.00
  • Cluster Pays
  • Symbol Collect
  • Wild + Additional Wild
  • Free Spins
  • Multipliers

16 More New Titles to Give a Try!

While the new titles above and the two we reviewed during the week will certainly bring you hours of fun, we know that you will want to know about the many other new casino games that were launched during the week. Well, we have another 16 titles in total to show you and each of them is well worth a look. For a start, there is the hugely anticipated The Crown Starring Vinnie Jones from Swinnt, Book of Ra Deluxe 10: Win Ways™ from the recent winner of slot of the year at the EGR North America Awards, Greentube, and Gameart’s Angry Dogs. Plus, lottery fans will appreciate Superb Keno, a brand new title from Amusnet Interactive (formely EGT Interactive).

So, that is 25 new titles in total, which is about the average these days. When you think about it, that means we get to enjoy 100 new casino games a month on average. Not bad at all! There is an edless supply of new tiotles coming, so make sure that you come back next week to check out what else is new. We can tell you that Pragmatic Play is releasing a sequel of one of its popular titles while Booming Games, Red Tiger, and Belatra are among the other developer’s with something new coming our way.

More New Casino Games Released in April Week 18

  • (10) Burning Slots 20 (BFGames)
  • (11) Jolly Wild (Hölle Games)
  • (12) Book of Ra Deluxe 10: Win Ways™ (Greentube)
  • (13) Battleground Royale (PG Soft)
  • (14) The Crown Starring Vinnie Jones (Swinnt)
  • (15) Coin Quest (Slotmill)
  • (16) 9 Blazing Cashpots (Kalamba Games)
  • (17) Magnify Man (Fugaso)
  • (18) Superb Keno (Amusnet Interactive)
  • (19) Circus Fever Deluxe (Expanse Studios)
  • (20) MagikSpell (Fantasma/Relax Gaming)
  • (21) Ninja (Endorphina)
  • (22) Armadillo Goes West (Armadillo Studios)
  • (23) Angry Dogs (Gameart)
  • (24) China Explorer (Spearhead Studios)
  • (25) Coin Quest (Slotmill)

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