SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator Case Study

SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator case study finds that 70% of players bet more after taking part in jackpot campaigns at online casinos (Image from

SOFTWISS, the winner of the 2022 Aggregator Platform of the Year at the EGR B2B Awards, has recently released a case study of its highly acclaimed Jackpot Aggregator business tool. The report, which is the first results, recorded by several clients that have implemented the tool, shows that it significantly increases player engagement.

Among the findings were that 50% of players will increase their average bet sum after playing jackpot campaigns created using the tool. On top of this, 70% of players will make more wagers.

The Jackpot Aggregator is one of the latest products offered by SOFTSWISS after it first launched in October 2021. One of the first customers to use the tool, the N1 Partners Group, is where the SOFTSWISS team collected its data for this case study. That casino group operates three online casinos that use the Jackpot Aggregator, N1 Bet, Fight Club, and Joo Casino.

SOFTSWISS collected data from the three platforms between November last year and March this year. The aim was to gain insights into the impact this tool has on business growth.

SOFTSWISS has risen quickly to become one of the leading casino aggregation platforms in the iGaming industry. In 2021, the company recorded a 130% increases in bets and smashed many other records compared to 2020. The platform now powers over 500 online casinos and sportsbooks around the world.

Insights Learned from the SOFTSWISS Aggregator Case Study

According to the data gained from those leading platforms, player participation consistently grew throughout the case study. Another interesting key indicator is that jackpots prove equally as engaging for long-term and new casino players. 50% of players that made jackpot bets each month were loyal customers on the platforms, while the other 50% was made up of brand new players.

Additionally, close to half of all players that placed a bet on jackpot campaigns only wagered on those campaigns and not on any other type of casino game. That shows that around half of all players prefer to play nothing but jackpots.

Another key metric showed that 50% of players would increase their average bet sum once taking part in a jackpot campaign. Half of those players would actually increase their average bet sum by 75% or more. Furthermore, data shows that 70% of players also increased the number of bets placed daily after playing on a jackpot campaign. Some of these would even multiply total bets placed several times over.

The case study also revealed many other findings, as you will see from the original report as provided by SOFTSWISS. For instance, the number of jackpots grew consistently as player engagement increased. In the first week, there were 20-30 jackpot wins, but during the final month of the analysed period, there had been over 400. This shows that the more bets being placed increased the frequency of jackpot wins. 45% of players also increased how much they deposited at the online casinos after participating in a jackpot campaign. There is a host of other interesting findings, as you will see from the report we linked to previously.

Essentially, what this means is that SOFTSWISS has once again developed a solution that shows it increases player engagement. Jackpot campaigns hosted on the analysed sites above have all led to players increasing their average bet sizes, deposits, and number of daily bets. Plus, many customers do not play anything other than games offered via jackpot campaigns.

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