Our Jackpot Report Week 45 2022

Check out our Jackpot Report Week 45 2022 to learn of the WowPot Mega jumping up a cool million since our report last week! (Image from JongWoo Hong at UnSplash.com)

There were no big jackpot wins to report on this week. However, for those of you who are regular players, there’s been a twist in the jackpot ranks over the past week.

Microgaming’s WowPot Mega progressive jackpot has seemingly jumped +£ 10 million out of nowhere. In our report last week, it sat at just over £4.6 million but is now close to £14.2 million.

Now, while you would maybe prefer to believe that there has been a splurge by players on the network over the past seven days, I do not think that is the case. Instead, I think there has been or is a technical error somewhere. Perhaps the tracking software for the jackpot has not been displaying the correct total.

This would make sense as you have previously noticed that the WowPot, which is seeded with £ 2 million after every win, was growing much slower than usual across the recent report. As an example, in our last report, the WowPot was worth £4.6 million, having last paid out 83 days prior. Comparatively, the Mega Moolah (also from Microgaming) which is seeded with £1 million, was already at £5 million in spite of paying out just 40 days previously. It makes little sense, right? Especially when you consider both networks pay the largest jackpot wins in iGaming.

Anyhow, it seems after some tweaks, the totals have now returned to normal. That has to be good news as, despite causing slight disarray, instead of a 7-figure sum, it is now 8-figures! It at least means we have a massive jackpot on the horizon with a lucky winner to report on at some point in the future.

WowPot Now Approaching Record Levels – For this jackpot at Least: After the above correction, the WowPot Mega Jackpot is now worth more than the biggest it has paid out so far in 2022. That was £14,131,495 back in July. However, it needs another million to become the largest ever jackpot paid out by this network. That was a whopping £15,183,085 in April 2021!

Why the WowPot is Now Extra Juicy and Well Worth Playing

Unless you’re Elon Musk, you’re hardly going to sniff at an extra £ 10 million in your pocket. However, while that extra cash is the biggest reason to play the WowPot this weekend, the historical data of this progressive network is another. As you will see in our jackpot listings below, the average win on the WowPot is £ 8,217,278. That means it is currently close to £ 6 million more than what it pays on average.

The other statistic that is worth looking at is how often it pays out on average. That figure is currently every 121 days and, seeing as it has been 90 days since it paid £ 5,757,783 in August, we’re approaching that window. This is not to say it is guaranteed to drop its coffers as it could theoretically grow to become a challenger to some of the biggest jackpot wins of all time. However, if there was a time to put a progressive jackpot network at the top of your shortlist, this could be it, although I know that is a matter of opinion, so the decision is entirely yours.

Notable Jackpot Wins Over the Past 7 Days

It has been a quiet week but there have been some 5 and 6-figure jackpots won recently:

  • RTG ($ 179,396): Much like in our last report, one of the Caribbean jackpot table games again paid out recently (a couple of hours ago).
  • Microgaming (£111,564): The LotsaLoot, one of Microgaming’s smaller progressive networks, paid out on Saturday (05 November).
  • Microgaming (£27,550): The Mega Moolah Major jackpot was paid out earlier today.
  • Playtech (€49,118): The Age of the Gods Super Power has paid out multiple times, but this was the biggest of the week.

To decide which progressive jackpot slot you would like to challenge to drop its coffers and make you a rich man or woman, check out the 15 titles below from our Jackpot Report Week 44. If a slot is red hot, then according to historical data, it could pay its jackpot any time soon. Also, scroll down for special updates on the Playtech and Microgaming networks, including Age of the Gods, Mega Moolah, and WowPot. You’ll see the jackpots in ticking up in real time!

Other Jackpots Well Worth Consideration

Well, the seemingly never-to-pay-again Jackpot Giant has finally been knocked off its perch at the top. No one really knows why it is holding on tight. Also, another mystery is Beach Life. Both have not paid out in years, yet their jackpots are huge. As for your other options, Mega Moolah looks enticing while the Hall of Gods is well overdue a payout. To decide where you are going to put your money, check out the biggest jackpots in the table below. You can see important information such as average win, average payout frequency, the current jackpot size, and hints on whether it could be worth a session!

Progressive Jackpot Current Jackpot Average Win Average Payout Frequency Since Last Payout Play: Yes/No?
WowPot (Microgaming) £ 14,188,608 £ 8,217,278 121 Days 90 Days Yes
Jackpot Giant (Playtech) € 6,769,750 € 4,956,001 159 Days 1,164 Days Red Hot
 Mega Moolah (Microgaming) £ 5,581,625 £ 8,186,450 47 Days 48 Days Maybe
Hall of Gods (NetEnt) € 4,505,000 € 5,458,104 187 Days 478 Days OK
Leprechaun’s Luck (Playtech) € 2,874,439 (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) Maybe
Funky Fruits €10 (Playtech) € 2,744,269 (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) 557 Days Maybe
Beach Life (Playtech) € 2,343,236 € 2,487,930 205 Days 1,477 Days Yes
Mega Fortune (NetEnt) € 2,197,156 € 3,378,777 86 Days 196 Days Maybe
Jackpot King (Blueprint) £ 2,024,472 (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) 175 Days Maybe
King Cashalot (Microgaming) £ 1,822,922 £ 665,436 264 Days 730 Days Red Hot
Gladiator (Playtech) € 1,583,754 € 627,373 81 Days 398 Days Red Hot
Funky Fruits €5 (Playtech) € 1,372,134 (Coming Soon) (Coming Soon) 557 Days Maybe
Aztec’s Millions (RTG) $ 1,191,210 $ 2,080,196 1,544 Days 167 Days No
Major Millions (Microgaming) £ 971,986 £ 1,120,692 45 Days 117 Days Yes
Megasaur (RTG) $ 930,485 $ 1,024,515 355 Days 59 Days Yes

Which to play? Well, you can see the jackpots that we have labelled as ‘Red Hot’ or ‘Yes’, so those would be our suggestions. However, how can you not get tied up with the WowPot slot collection from the iconic Microgaming considering it has such a huge sum at stake?

Microgaming (Games Global) Jackpots in Real Time

Playtech Jackpots in Real Time

Progressive Jackpot Current Jackpot Average Win Average Payout Frequency Since Last Payout Play: Yes/No?
Mega Moolah Jackpot


£ 8,186,450 47 Days 40 Days No
WowPot Jackpot


£ 8,217,278 121 Days 83 Days No
King Cashalot Jackpot


£ 665,436 264 Days 722 Days Red Hot
Progressive Jackpot Current Jackpot Average Win Average Payout Frequency Since Last Payout Play: Yes/No?
Age of the Gods (Ultimate Power)


€ 540,606 36 Days 53 Days Yes
Gladiator Jackpot Slot


€ 627,373 81 Days 391 Days Red Hot
Jackpot Giant

€ 7.281.626,56

€ 4,956,001 159 Days 1,156 Days Red Hot

Where to play progressive jackpot slots? Simply read our online casino reviews to see which slots and networks each casino has to offer. Ideally, online casino that features progressives from the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt will give you the best shot at becoming an overnight millionaire.