9 Coins Sequel Hold the Jackpot Slot

Tune in the full lowdown on the sequel of Wazdan’s popular 9 Coins™ original slot in our exclusive 9 Coins™: 1000 Edition video slot review!(Images courtesy of wazdan.com)

Wazdan has come out with yet another smashing slot title featuring its trademark ‘Hold the Jackpot’ and ‘Cash InfinityTM ‘immersive features. Of course, the slot also comes with the Volatility LevelsTM option so you can choose to spin the reels with low, standard (medium), or high variance gameplay.

In fact, just a little over 2 months ago, the Wazdan 9 Coins™ video slot hit the iGaming wires. The slot quickly gained the ‘Top Performing’ label on the official Wazdan software provider website. Furthermore, the slot still features in the ‘Popular’ and/or ‘Trending’ sections in online casinos hosting Wazdan video slot titles.

The brand new and exciting 9 Coins™: 1000 Edition Video Slot is the sequel to the original release. And it is pretty obvious that this slot theme and its title are back on the road due to the immense popularity of the first edition.

So, what’s different I hear you ask? In the July release, 9 Coins™, the slot’s top jackpot won via the Hold the Jackpot feature came with a Grand Jackpot (the highest fixed jackpot win) of 500x. However, the new version boosts that jackpot to 1,000x. As for the ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’, and ‘Grand’ jackpots, they retain their values from the first 9 Coins™ Slot release.

Another noticeable change is the RTP on the new 9 Coins™: 1000 Edition video slot is 96.14%, which is slightly higher than the original version’s 96.06%. Aside from this, there are 3×3 reels, and 9 pay lines with the same min-max bets and game features in place.

Highlights: The 9 Coins™: 1000 Edition is a 3×3 and 9 pay line video slot with a minimum bet of 0.10 to get the reels spinning. Features include Hold the Jackpot with 4 fixed jackpot values, mystery wins and jackpots, Cash InfinityTM symbols, a gamble feature, and the buy bonus. The slot’s theoretical RTP is 96.14%, and you can use the Volatility LevelsTM feature to adjust variance.

9 Coins™: 1000 Edition (3x3 Reels)
9 Coins™: 1000 Edition (1,000x Grand Jackpot)

9 Coins™: 1000 Edition Gameplay & Features

Although this slot has 3×3 reels, Wazdan considers each individual position as a reel. Another point you will need to grasp is that there are no regular symbols. To win, you will literally need to trigger the very lucrative ‘Hold the Jackpot’ bonus game, which is also the key to landing a jackpot win. The slot has a pay table under ‘i’ with visuals showing the features and a ‘?’ explaining each feature. Plus, the features are also fully explained below. Other options available include ‘Bit Screen Mode’, ‘Ultra Fast Mode’, and there are sound controls.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus Feature

  • Triggering the bonus: You will need to land 3 coins/symbols on all 3 positions across the middle row. These can be gold coins, mystery symbols, and/or the Cash InfinityTM This will trigger 3 re-spins. All gold coins and Cash InfinityTM coins triggering the bonus, plus any additional gold symbols in other positions on the reels will remain sticky. At this point, the slot will tell you how many more symbols you need to land to trigger the jackpot win.
  • Bonus Gameplay: You will begin with 3 spins, which will reduce/decrease by -1 each time no new coins land on the reels. However, any new gold coins, mystery symbols, and/or the Cash InfinityTM coins that hit the reels will remain sticky, and your re-spins count will reset to 3.
  • Jackpot Mystery Symbols: When these symbols land, they remain sticky on the reels until the bonus concludes. At the end of the bonus, they will reveal either a ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’ or ‘Major’ jackpot coin.
  • Mystery Symbols: These symbols can transform into a ‘Jackpot Mystery’ or ‘gold coin’.

Getting Paid: The round will only stop when 3 consecutive re-spins do not produce a new coin. At this point, all coins will show a multiplier. The slot will add these multipliers together and apply the final amount to your spin bet total, at which point you get paid.

9 Coins™: 1000 Edition (Cash Infinity™ Feature)
9 Coins™: 1000 Edition (Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game)
Cash InfinityTM Feature

During the base game, Cash InfinityTM symbols can land in any of the 3 positions on the middle reel. It will then remain sticky on the reels until your trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus by filling the middle reel with gold bonus symbols. Each of these symbols will come with a multiplier worth 5x up to 10x your spin bet paid out during the bonus game.

Hold the Jackpot Buy Bonus

When you buy the Hold the Jackpot feature, you’ll have four volatility/variance options as follows:

  • Low: You’ll pay 50x your spin bet
  • Standard: You’ll pay 75x your spin bet
  • High: You’ll pay 150x your spin bet
  • Extreme: You’ll pay 200x your spin bet
Gamble Feature – double your win after the bonus!

Just for good measure, when the Hold the Jackpot bonus pays, you can click on the ‘x2’ option to double your win. When the ‘double-up’ opens, there is a spinning coin. All you need to do is guess whether it will be red or green. If you win, you get twice you bet paid.

Winning the Jackpots

There are 3 jackpot symbols altogether, which are the ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’ and ‘Major’. Just to be clear, there is no ‘Grand’ jackpot symbol.

  • Grand Jackpot Win: To land the ‘Grand’ jackpot, you will need to fill all 9 positions on the reels during the ‘Hold the Jackpot’ feature. If you win the grand jackpot, you receive the 1,000x multiplier win only.
  • All other jackpot wins: If a jackpot symbol sticks to the reels or reveals itself via the ‘Jackpot Mystery’ during the re-spins, at the end of the round, the ‘getting paid’ step, the Hold the Jackpot bonus will add the relevant jackpot multiplier to the accumulated total of all other jackpots. For example, if you win the ‘mini’ jackpot worth 10x and there was a cumulative total of 50x from all gold coins on the reels, your total win is 10x + 50x = 60x your spin bet.

Here are the jackpot multipliers:

  • Mini – 10x your spin bet
  • Minor – 20x your spin bet
  • Major – 50x your spin bet
  • Grand – 1,000x your spin bet

Can you win the same jackpot twice? Yes. For instance, you could land 2 ‘Major’ jackpot symbols during the ‘Hold the Jackpot’ bonus. You also have an equal chance of winning a jackpot or multiple jackpots on every spin.