UKGC Governor

Who do you think should be the new UKGC governor? All eyes are on the next appointment for the UKGC to help clean up regulations. (Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash)

Speculation has been heating up this week as to who will become the new UKGC Chairman to replace Bill Moyes, who has held the position for 5 years. According to the leading British Newspaper, Sunday Times, the candidates for the post have now come down to just a few select individuals.

It seems as though Dr Anna van der Gaag, Lord Chadlington, and Marcus Boyle are 3 of the primary considerations, plus another individual who has been previously connected within the UK Gambling Commission; to make it 4 likely candidates.

Reports are strongly suggesting that Marcus Boyle is a strong favourite to take the position. Boyle seems to be ahead of the rest because the others are, in some way, lacking in some areas. Lord Chadlington is arguably not the best leader as his strengths are in Public Relations and that is where he is seen as most valuable.

Dr Gaag is perhaps not quite ready for the position and needs a while to build up a reputation within the industry. That will give stakeholders more confidence in her abilities. Her past endeavours as the head of the ABSG highlight that the organisation has a struggling relationship with some gambling industry members. The internal candidate may have been tainted by the poor performances of outgoing Chairman, Bill Moyes. Although it may seem unfair, to take a risk on somebody who has possibly been complicit with previous actions seems to be the safest route; at least for now.

By eliminating the other credentials, it seems to leave Marcus Boyle as the most suitable person for the position. He has been a board member for Deloitte, and a trustee for the Serpentine Gallery in London. The involvement he has in the Arts industry may suggest that he is more concerned about bringing excitement and joy to the consumer – which can’t be said for Bill Moyes, the outgoing chair.

Boyle’s Rumoured to be the Best Candidate for New UKGC Governor Role

Now, with the gambling industry almost back to ‘normality’, Boyle’s ability to be clear in strategy will prove priceless for the industry, as it has been missing this quality for a few years. Under previous leadership, the regulator has been accused of writing up countless strategy related documents, which have been accused of being cliché, rather than practical. Therefore, the structure of the industry has suffered greatly, and the evaluation process seems to have been below-par. There are a few key areas that may now need to be addressed within the industry. Larger operators have struggled to attract estimated poker numbers. Other areas have performed below expectation too. If Marcus Boyle was to be appointed, maybe his attention to consumer needs may be the boost that these sectors need.

Nothing is confirmed yet, and so it can only be taken as speculation. However, with a lot of reliable sources all saying the same thing, it appears that we may already know the identity of the next UKGC Chairman, we are united in saying that everyone wants industry improvements.