UK Casino Gossip Week 44

Connect with our latest UK Casino Gossip Week 44 of 2022 –all the latest United Kingdom gambling stories condensed! (Image from Javon Swaby)

In this UK casino news gossip week 43 round-up you get a sneak peek at what’s been happening in the country all in one place.

It is a report especially for UK online casino players and betting fans to pick up on some of the major talking points being reported on in the world’s largest gambling market. And if you think we left anything out, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you!

In the running below, we have the new Maradona-themed slot coming from the UK game design studio Blueprint. Brand-new facial recognition tech that will spot underage gamblers, and I bring you coverage of the UK’s new gambling minister, who is the fifth to take the position to navigate the much-coveted Gambling Act.

One highlight for me is the news covering the introduction of facial recognition software in UK gambling venues – be sure to check it out. And please don’t take offence if you are over 18 and these new machines flag you as being underage. Instead, take it as a compliment. If you have a baby face now, it usually means when you are in your thirties, like myself, you’ll look younger while all your mates will look weathered in already. If it offends you, you could always grow a beard or allow some facial stubble to show!

All jokes aside, football fans will be interested to know that 888 Holding’s brand William Hill has signed a deal to become Celtic FC’s official in-stadium betting partner in the Scottish Premier League (that is unless you detest the team). And to finish, you get to check out the current pre-pandemic levels of UK gambling brought to you using year-on-year (September 2021 Vs September 2022) figures all reported directly by the UKGC.

Stay Tuned for UK Casino Gossip: Myself, Mathew O’Connor, and Luke Webber will deliver regular UK gambling reports like this one. I don’t have any previous reports to refer you to as yet, but if you are looking for industry updates, monitor our home page, and every week we’ll catch up on the UK gambling market’s latest gossip.

Blueprint Gaming to Launch Maradona-Branded Slot in November

Diego Maradona is arguably the greatest footballer in history, and the new slot coming from the UK development studio will feature graphics and emblems inspired by his legendary career. With the Argentine’s IP, Blueprint Gaming will capture the attention of sports fans from around the world. As Blueprint strives to build its brand among soccer fans, the slot will offer a cross-sell opportunity for operators in both online casinos and land-based establishments.

Soccer Fans to Online Casinos: If the game is successful, it may even convert soccer fans to online casino players. Blueprint is also known for its land-based arcade slots in the UK that are also available globally via online casinos hosting the software provider’s portfolio.

The Latest UK Casino Gossip Condensed
(Gambling Stories Especially for UK Players)

  • Blueprint Gaming to Launch Maradona-Branded Slot
  • William Hill Celtic FC’s In-Stadium Betting Partner
  • Betting Machines Facial Age-Estimation Tech Coming Soon
  • ICE London 2023 Officially Opens Registration
  • Paul Scully Named UK’s New Gambling Minister
  • Gambling in the UK Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels

William Hill UK Becomes Celtic FC’s New Official In-Stadium Betting Partner

William Hill is becoming Celtic FC’s new official in-stadium betting partner. The Scottish club currently leads the Scottish Premiership after 12 games, and the new partnership with the online betting company will add more promotions for Celtic FC fans. Besides betting opportunities, the new partnership will give Celtic fans access to exclusive sports betting offers.

888 Holdings: William Hill is currently under the ownership of 888Holdings which recently published its financial reports—see here for the full 888 financial report.

William Hill Celtic FC Partnership
  • The stadium will now feature William Hill betting kiosks
  • Celtic FC is a Scottish Premier League football team
  • 888 Holdings PLC is the flagship company for WH
More UK Casino Gossip!
Betting Machines Facial Age-Estimation Technology to Fight Underage Gambling
Betting Machines Facial Age-Estimation

Thousands of betting machines in the UK are set to have facial age-estimation technology installed, which will require gamblers to take a selfie to prove their age, and is being used to help prevent underage gambling. Impressively, the new tech will allow these gambling machines to verify a customer’s age within two seconds.

ICE London 2023 Officially Opens Registration for Its Upcoming Edition
ICE London 2023 Opens Registration

ICE London 2023 has officially opened registration for its upcoming edition. Taking place at ExCeL London from 7 to 9 February, the show will focus on the global gaming industry. Its theme this year is “Stronger Together”, and exhibitors will include the top international gaming brands. Bigwigs earmark the February 2023 edition to become the largest gambling industry trade show ever.

Paul Scully Named as the UK’s New Gambling Minister
New UK Gambling Minister

Damian Collins steps aside from his role as Minister of State for Gambling, which means the UK has a new gambling minister – Paul Scully. He has been the Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam since 2015. He previously held the post of Minister of State for the Digital Economy and Local Government and was also the London minister. As the new Gambling Minister, he will now oversee the UK Gambling Act.

UK Gambling is Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels (Online Gambling at its Highest Level)

According to the UKGC’s new September figures, the gambling industry is now back on its feet. After land-based venues closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic (yes, that old chestnut again—will we ever hear the end of it?), recovery of the number of participants gambling is almost back to normal. Meanwhile, online gambling figures reach their highest levels. You can see the stats in the accompanying box. Also, note that the difference in the year-on-year percentages is because some players gamble online as well as offline.

Why the rise in online gambling? It is mainly due to the number of land-based gambling enthusiasts that signed up for online gambling sites as their local retail betting shops, slots arcades or land-based casinos closed during the lockdown. It’s as simple as that!

UKGC Reported Gambling Stats

  • Overall: 44% of UK citizens gambled, which is close to the pre-pandemic level of 47%.
  • Land-based: There was an increase to 27% just slightly below pre-pandemic levels.
  • UK Online Gambling: Online gambling is now up to 27%, which is its highest level recorded.