Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways

Reel Play & Yggdrasil Tiki Infinity Reels joins Infinity reels with infinite Megaways & Multipliers. Are you as excited as we are? (Image From yggdrasilgaming.com)

Slot technology never ceases to amaze us just when we ask ourselves, what else can the developers come up with. This time it is a partnership between Reel Play and Yggdrasil that brings the newly released Tiki Infinity Reels presenting infinite reels and infinite Megaways!

The ‘Infinity Reels’ feature on this brand-new slot gives players the chance to keep on spinning for extra reels and as long as the new reel extends winning combinations, another new reel will be added, and another spin awarded. What is so exciting about this feature we hear you ask? Well, this slot continues to add news reels with no limit, plus with no limit to the number of reels, there is no limit to number the number of Megaways this slot can produce.

For those of you familiar with the Reel Play and Yggdrasil casinos partnership, you may know that these online slot developers co-produced ‘Odin Infinity Reels ‘which was the brand’s very first video slot to marry the Infinity Reels and Megaways features into a video slot title.

No other software provider has done this yet, while Reel Play and Yggdrasil already have numerous Infinity reels slot titles minus Meagways such as Gargoyle Infinity Reels, Thor Infinity Reels, El Dorado Infinity Reels, Royal Dragon and Giza Infinity Reels. Meanwhile, NetEnt has dabbled in the Infinity Reels feature with its Gods of Gold Infinireels while its sister company Red Tiger released Dragons Fire Infinireels in February this year!

Highlights: Starts with 3×4 reels and can expand to infinite reels with unlimited Megaways but the max win is capped at 10,000x your spin bet. Features include a Symbol Multiplier, Infinity Bonus, and Free Spins while this slot produced a theoretical RTP of 96.07% with high variance gameplay. Spins will cost you €-£-$ 0.30–12.00 per go which is 5–200 ZAR or 30–1000 INR per spin!

Tiki Infinity 4 reels
Tiki Infinity 5 reels

Slot Theme & Graphics

You’ll be taken to a scenic tropical island situated in the Pacific Ocean where the world’s first known artists created Polynesian idols for pleasure. The slot graphics perfectly depicts island life with lush blue seas and picturesque island landscape in the background. The colourful graphic design continues to the reels with neatly designed symbols, while the theme, the upbeat soundtrack and gameplay sound effects will have your head bouncing to a melody that suits island life perfectly.

Shape-Shifting Tech: The most impressive graphical feature is the Tiki Infinity Reels slot’s ability to shape-shift symbols on the reels and then further shape-shift the entire slot. When new reels are added, the slot responsive changes size to fit your screen while still managing to produce state-of-the-art animations!

Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways Gameplay & Features

When you first load the slot, it will show 3×4 reels, but as with all Megaways online slots, the number of symbols on each individual reel will shift. Usually, most Megaways slots have 2 to 7 symbols, but Tiki Infinity Reels will shift between 2 and 5 symbols per reel. Altogether you will see 11 different types of symbols plus a wild which stacks. The Volcano symbol is the star of the show and doubles up as a scatter which also stacks to help you roll in combination wins and better still the free spins bonus explained below:

  • Free Spins: You will land 10 free spins via the Volcano symbol and during the free spins bonus, every 2 additional reels will award an extra free spin.
  • Symbol Multiplier: When a new reel is added, the multiplier will jump +1. This is a progressive multiplier with no limit. This makes the Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways slot that much more exciting because not only do you gain more reels, which means a higher number of Megaways but the more reels you have the better the payouts become.
  • Infinity Bonus: The generosity on this slot never seems to end, and this time it comes in the form of a spin bet multiplier. When you hit 12 reels, you are congratulated with a bonus worth 888x your spin bet. A number 888 casino will surely make use of in future promotions.
  • Megaways: Each reel can produce 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols. All you need to do is line up 3-symbols using ‘adjacent reel’ technology. That means an alike symbol on all 3 reels in any positions, i.e., the same symbol on reels 1-2-3. As a result, it does not matter where the symbol is on the reel, just as long as the same symbol exists on all 3. When you have 4 reels, you will need the same symbol on all 4 reels in any position, and with 5 reels, the same symbol on 5 reels in any position, and the same rule applies as new reels pin on.

Infinite Reels, Megaways & Multipliers: The highlight of Tiki Infinity Reels Featuring Megaways is everything on this slot comes with no limit. There is no limit to the number of additional reels, no limit to the number of Megaways it can produce, and no limit to the multipliers that come with each additional reel!

Understanding How The Infinity Reels with Megaways Feature Functions

Getting to grips with how Infinity Reels works is easier than you may think. The easiest way to explain how this works is that it is all about improving your first symbol combination win that triggers the additional reels. Let’s take a detailed look at how this feature works.

When you begin with 3 reels, you will need to roll in a 3-symbol combination. When this happens, the slot triggers the 4th reel. New reels are always added to the rightmost reel. Now the next really important point to understand is that ‘only the extra reel will spin’. Therefore, the reels from the original spin will hold. Consequently, only the 4th reel will spin while the original 3 reels holding your 3-symbol win will hold. If the 4th reel produces a ‘wild’ or another ‘alike symbol’ that matches the original 3-symbol win, you now collect a 4-symbol combination win and a 5th reel is added to the right-hand side of the slot.

Now only the 5th reel will spin, and if a ‘wild’ or an ‘alike symbol’ matching the 4-symbol win, then you collect another win, and a 6th reel is added. The same process continues until the new reel does not improve the winning symbol combination that got you there. All the while this is happening, you are collecting multipliers!