SOFTSWISS Releases Interesting Insights Compiled from Sportsbook

SOFTSWISS has released some interesting insights compiled from data collected during the first year of its new sportsbook platform! (Image from

SOFTSWISS only launched its sportsbook back in December 2020, but since then, the firm has been compiling a ton of data that has thrown up quite a few interesting betting insights. The firm released some of the highlights from its H1 2021 report on its website but is also giving away the full report to anyone that is happy to part with their name, location, email address, and phone number.

Among other things, the report looked at what devices were used most to place bets, which age ranges and gender were more likely to bet, the top currencies used for betting, and the sports that attracted the most bets. While some of the insights are predictable, some may actually surprise many of you.

SOFTSWISS is a leading casino aggregator that supplies companies with white-label online casinos. The aggregation company is partnered with and gives clients access to casino games from over 300 iGaming brands, and can handle everything from the payment processing, customer support, and licensing that a company would need to start up a new online casino. However, since December 2020, the aggregator has started a sportsbook platform that customers can also use on their white-label online casinos. As always, SOFTSWISS likes to keep a close eye on the latest trends, so has been compiling copious amounts of data that has allowed them to notice quite a few industry insights.

SOFTSWISS is a brand that continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate. In August, we reported that the company had recorded a GGR of over 230 million Euro. That was up until July of this year, which meant it had increased 132 million since November 2020!

A Brief Look at the Interesting Insights Compiled by SOFTSWISS

One of the biggest surprises was that desktop computers still rule among online bettors. While the use of mobile devices is increasing year on year, serious bettors still prefer to use their desktop or laptop computers. These devices have close to a 75% share while mobile phones have just over 25%. The use of tablets or other devices is minuscule in comparison. That is for total betting sums placed which shows that the more invested bettor prefers larger screens for researching purposes.

That said, in terms of devices used that were responsible for the most bets, this was mobile devices. The stats were almost the exact opposite. What this insight tells us, is those who prefer smaller bets, are likely to use mobile phones. This will be bets placed on the spur of the moment rather than after too much research.

Not as surprising is that people between the ages of 31 and 40 account for the biggest bet count share of 36.64% at the SOFTSWISS sportsbook, which means they place more bets than any other age range. That said, while placing fewer bets, it is those in the 41-50 age range that will bet the most money. Men as expected account for more than 73% of all bets placed, at least on the SOFTSWISS sportsbook platform.

The report also showed that USD was the currency used more than any other for betting purposes. It was used 61% of the time compared to 30% of the EUR. Surprisingly, the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency was in third place, above Bitcoin. Football was the outright favourite sport for betting with a 59% share which put it above the likes of tennis, baseball, cricket, and table tennis.