Softswiss Aggregated Progressive Jackpots

Enjoy the thrill of playing casino games with a jackpot? Read how the Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator Network will bring more jackpots online!! (Image from

Leading iGaming supplier SoftSwiss has announced the launch of their new product, jackpot aggregator, this will allow all gaming providers, casino operators or aggregators to set up jackpots simultaneously while iGaming businesses can use this system to outsource all forms of their own jackpot networks to increase their company’s efficiency.

As reported in the SoftSwiss news section, basically, this jackpot aggregation software will allow gaming platforms to set jackpots and campaigns tailored to suit their player base. For example, an operator using the SoftSwiss platform may want to set up a random drop-in jackpot for a certain selection of video slots. It can pick and choose the slots valid for the jackpot payout, start a progressive jackpot counter, and even set how often the jackpot pays out. Let’s say, for instance, it’s a daily jackpot. The system will randomly payout the jackpot within a pre-set 24-hour period like 00:01 to 22:59.

Casinos like 888 Casino already do this with its proprietary slots pooling them together, so when players spin the reels on a slot within the jackpot pool, a percentage of the bet contributes towards the main jackpot(s). There can be hourly, daily, and weekly jackpot pools and payouts. This is also the same concept Red Tiger Gaming uses for its progressive jackpot slot network.

The jackpot framework is available to all SoftSwiss clients and is extended to casinos not using the SoftSwiss platform to host their online casino. The idea is to offer a jackpot aggregator for any company in the iGaming industry to build and oversee all of their jackpot promotions, networks, and more.

Software Providers Can Make Use of the SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator Too

Likewise, any software providers that want to pool together their video slot titles into a jackpot network can use the SoftSwiss jackpot aggregator platform. This would be similar to what Playtech and Microgaming already do with their Age of the Gods, Mega Moolah, and WowPot. Both these software developers host the most successful pooled jackpot networks online to date. The Playtech Age of the Gods progressive jackpot network has over 20 slot titles, a live Age of the Gods Roulette table, and a Spin a Win virtual game title. Those 22+ casino games are spread around multiple casinos. SoftSwiss is offering software providers a ready-made jackpot system like Playtech and Microgaming already have via the SoftSwiss SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator network.

This software grants clients the ability to create a campaign with just a few settings, through to a much more complicated campaign allowing the client to set the parameters for every aspect of it. With plenty of exclusive features available it’s now easy to increase the charm of both the brand and casino at the same time. Whilst playing their turn, it grants each player the opportunity to win on multiple jackpot campaigns all at once, increasing a player’s engagement and interest.

The jackpot aggregator from SoftSwiss is just another solution in a wide range of products brought to us by SoftSwiss including; Turnkey Casino Solution, White Label Casino Solution, Crypto Casino Solution, Game Aggregator, Sportsbook Platform and Affilka. SoftSwiss founder Ivan Montik was particularly confident in the product, commenting that he felt with all of the knowledge and experience brought to developing this software, it would be a winner for both clients and players.

Pool Jackpot Networks Explained: Progressive jackpots build up partially from a guaranteed prize pool or reset amount, and by collecting a percentage of each bet made. Therefore, when there is a standalone progressive jackpot slot available exclusively at one casino, it can take quite some time for the jackpot to build up. However, pool multiple slots together and link them to a single jackpot, and you have several slots all contributing a percentage of each bet to the pooled progressive  jackpot. Next, spread those slots around multiple casinos, and the jackpots will grow even bigger and faster because more people will play them!