NFT Megaways Online Slot

Are you an early adopter of tech? RTG’s NFT Megaways video slot brings Twitter, Litecoins, Bitcoins, Ethereum, and more to the reels. (Images from

NFT’s can often be a difficult concept to grasp, but Red Tiger’s NFT MegaWays video slot is just the opposite, giving players an easier way to make money from the NFT concept. This is a 200,704 MegaWays video slot, with over a 10,000 max payout over a 6×7 grid that offers a 95.66% theoretical RTP, high volatility and a min 0.20 max 10.00 staking range. One thing is for sure, NFT MegaWays, is going to be the latest craze!

Red Tiger Gaming has created a video slot depicting modern-day society, delivered in a 1980s pixelated shell. We get treated to all the latest fads of the past decade; cryptocurrency, Twitter (where crypto news is circulated so often but the likes of Elon Musk), Tesla, and more. If modern-day society has seen it, then this title shows it. Using the latest gaming mechanics, NFT MegaWays provides us with 200,704 possible MegaWays. Add to that the Crypto Punks, and you have yourself a slot with purpose! But the key to the biggest wins is with the Crypto Spins. This powerhouse feature combines all the gaming mechanics into one booming bonus!

Red Tiger has released what is perhaps the first theme of its kind in video slot development, giving players something new and refreshing. The pixelated crypto theme, fused with modern-day gaming mechanics, provides a unique gaming experience.

It’s almost as if Red Tiger has combined several of the best features from the latest successes and created this one slot. The gaming charms of Tiki Fruits Totem Frenzy, combined with the energy from 7 Neon Lights, and the payout power of Amazon Island MegaWays rolled into one – pretty amazing stuff even if we do say so ourselves.

Highlights: NFT MegaWays, is a high volatility crypto themed, 6×7 video slot, from Red Tiger. Featuring Free Spins, Wilds, Multiplier Builder, Bonus Scatters, 200,704 MegaWays, a Min 00.20 Max 10.00 bet, RTP of 95.66% and over 10,000x max win. You can see the NFT MegaWays slot demo here.

NFT Crypto Punks

NFT Megaways

NFT MegaWays Gameplay & Features – Crypto Punks Provide Ultra Multiplier Power!

Red Tiger has given us a retro-styled, modern, high volatility slot. The MegaWays are certainly one of the most powerful features of this title, however, it’s only when combining them with the Crypto Punks and Crypto Spins do you really get to see them come into action. Crypto Spins can be triggered by landing Crypto Spins scatters. As it is a MegaWays slot, the number of rows per reel can change on any spin, but the potential is there to have 200,704 MegaWays to pay, which could lead to a payout over 10,000x your stake!

Crypto Punks – Wild Crypto Techies Link Up the Missing Code

There are 4 Crypto Punks in total and they can only appear on the Crypto Punks bar on the top of the reel set. They each behave as a Wild and so can substitute for all paying symbols. The Crypto Punks are also multipliers, so when landing a Crypto Punk on the Crypto Punks Bar and combining them with low-paying symbols to form a winning combination; the Crypto Punk will collect all symbols involved, which will create a multiplier value. Each symbol collected will add +1 to the Crypto Punks multiplier. The multiplier will apply to every win during the spin where the Crypto Punk is used in a winning combination.

Once the Crypto Punk is used with a high-paying symbol, it will be destroyed.

A Crypto Punk can carry up to a x30 multiplier, and a maximum of 2 Punks can land on the same spin. If both Punks participate in the same winning combination, then their multipliers will be multiplied by each other.

Crypto Spins – Land Big Wins From Crypto Spins

3 Crypto Spin scatters will trigger the Crypto Spins free spin feature and award 10 Crypto Spins. Each additional scatter landed during the base game will reward an additional +5 Crypto Spins. A maximum of 6 Crypto Spins scatters can be landed to award a maximum start of 25 Crypto Spins. This free spins feature plays almost identically to the base game, however, the Crypto Punks accumulated will only reset at the end of the feature round.

All Features on Red Tiger’s, NFT MegaWays

This Crypto themed high volatility slot offers several opportunities to build both big and smaller wins. Although the biggest wins will be found through playing the Crypto Spins free spins feature game. The base game has several features that cause the game to react in different ways.

Here are all the features you can look forward to in NFT MegaWays:

  • MegaWays: Possible winning ways will vary per spin depending on the total number of individual symbols which land on the reels, with a maximum potential of 200,704 MegaWays.
  • Chain Reaction: A winning combination results in the winning symbols disappearing from the reel set and being replaced by randomly selected new ones, allowing for multiple wins from one spin.
  • Crypto Spin Scatter: Landing 3 or more of these will trigger the Crypto Spins free spins feature and award 10 spins. For each scatter over 3, an additional +5 Crypto Spins will be added.
  • Crypto Punk: There are 4 of these characters and they behave as Wilds, substituting for all symbols except for Bonus Scatters. They also have multiplier power and will collect low-paying symbols to increase their multiplier value. They will only appear on the Crypto Punk Bar.
  • Crypto Punks Bar: This is an extra reel that sits on top of the main reel set, where any symbol can land inside.

Symbols & Payouts

NFT MegaWays has 9 paying symbols, with 5 high paying symbols, and 4 lower paying symbols. Winning combinations are between 3-6.

Symbol Payout
Diamond Min 0.70x / Max 3.00x
Shiba Inu Min 0.50x / Max 1.40x
Thug-Life Mona Lisa Min 0.40x / Max 1.20xv
Larry the Bird Min 0.30x / Max 1.00x
Tesla Cybertruck Min 0.20x / Max 0.80x
Bitcoin symbol Min 0.20x / Max 0.70x
Ethereum symbol Min 0.20x / Max 0.60x
Litecoin symbol Min 0.10x / Max 0.50x
Dogecoin symbol Min 0.10x / Max 0.40x
Rounding Up NFT MegaWays – A host of Features make the Crypto Spins even more Lucrative

This video slot delivers not what you would first expect it to. At first glance, you may get the impression from the graphics that there is not much to this title. However, that is definitely not the case. We see MegaWays, wilds, Multipliers, multiplier multipliers, and everyone’s favourite – free spins!

The base game allows for significant wins, but the feature mode will blow you away with its payout power. Once those Crypto Punks put their heads together, a whole world of opportunity opens up…and it comes in the form of cash and a lot of it. Overall, a deceptively enjoyable modern video slot title, offering large payout opportunities, together with an amusing theme.