Drop Pots Bingo Jackpots

Are you a bingo player & progressive jackpot fan? Pragmatic Play Bingo Drop Pots ties in jackpot wins with the popular game of online bingo! (Image from pragmaticplay.com)

Online bingo is a fast-growing niche in iGaming despite being a gambling vertical that has been quite slow to break into the online scene. However, it is starting to make its push and Pragmatic Play is one of the pioneering brands involved in creating a bingo trend online. And the brand’s latest move is a new concept called Bing Drop Pots – effectively add-on jackpot to existing bingo titles.

With the added win opportunity, bingo players’ experience is enhanced in the same way as it would be when adding a progressive jackpot to a slot title. Who would turn down the additional chance of winning a lucrative windfall on top of a slot’s standard features? Well, Pragmatic Play’s Drop Pots is by and large the same thing. It’s a progressive jackpot network specifically for bingo games to give a little extra buzz to the gameplay.

As for availability, Pragmatic Play has opted to make this an exclusive offering. It is only available on dedicated Pragmatic Play networks and comes with an is an exclusive multilayer jackpot feature, offering three different jackpots with different offerings, USPs and strategies. It means operators choosing to sign up for the Pragmatic Play bingo offering, and those already using the network will now have access.

Jackpot Games: Progressive jackpots have been popular since before online gambling. Las Vegas casinos have stand-alone jackpots attached to various games – mostly slot games. Today, with the innovation of online technology, we are seeing jackpots in all verticals of iGaming – jackpot slots, live games with jackpots such Age of the Gods Jackpot Roulette, and now in Bingo with Pragmatic Play, the latest bingo developer to offer progressive jackpot wins on this popular lotto-style game.

Multifunction Pragmatic Play Bingo Drop Pots Progressive Jackpots

The Drop Pots jackpot also takes on the multiplayer functionality as most video slots with progressive jackpots. In this latest bingo version, there are 3 levels which will be high, medium, and low paying progressive jackpot wins. Players can win these jackpots through a variety of triggers and time intervals

  • Mini Drop Pot: This jackpot pays out multiple times daily with small wins and is triggered through incrementing the ball call bingo gameplay feature.
  • Maxi Drop Pot: This jackpot can also payout multiple times per day but with higher amounts and less frequent payouts compared to ‘Mini Drop’. Remaining at a specific ball call for a certain period will see players land this jackpot.
  • Maxi Drop Pot: This is a daily jackpot that must payout every 24 hours. It only pays 1 time per day and it is the most valuable jackpot out of the 3. Once it pays, it resets and starts building up its coffers once more so it can pay out another hefty sum the next day.

Pragmatic Play Bingo Drop Pots: Pragmatic Play release the Drop Pots jackpot just after extending its current crop of bingo titles. The latest release was Beachball Blast which joins Bingo Blast and Snowball Blast as well as a range of other themed bingo titles.