Playtech Gamcare Award

Are you looking for casino brands that look after their customers and brand image with trustworthy gaming? Maybe Playtech is the answer! (Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

One of the world’s market leaders, Playtech was awarded Gamecare Safer Standard Recognition. The award comes off the back of its new ambling technology that adopted a newly developed Business to Business safer standard for gambling.

Playtech is the first to receive Gamcare’s safer standard award. GamCare is the out-and-out leader for providing advice, support and information for any individual involved with problem gambling in the United Kingdom.

The SGS as it is often known, or Safer Gambling Standard, is a quality standard designed by GamCare.

The standard recommends and recognises the safety measures that a business should impose in order to do what they can to protect their customers from being exposed to a potentially harmful gambling-related experience.

In recognition of spectacular customer protection, by using their standard, GamCare rewards those businesses who are setting examples within the industry. Playtech was duly awarded an honour for their standard of safety with a Safer Gambling Standard decoration, following their platform operations and casino product which is Great Britain licensed.

‘Sustainable Success’ was the key to success for Playtech. Their latest business strategy that focuses on sustainability, was one of the factors that swung it for GamCare. They were particularly impressed with this strategy, but also that Playtech has implemented an external board to provide advice for stakeholders. ‘Playtech Protect’ was another key function that Playtech has implemented which didn’t go unnoticed by GamCare. This particular setup combines Playtech’s tools, safer gambling technology, compliance tech, services, solutions and BetBuddy, to provide a variety of information for the industry.

Playtech Awarded Gamcare Safer Standard: The award was not given on a whim. The process of accreditation was in depth with a full review of Playtech and their business approach. The research involved looking into the culture of the company, how they promote safer gambling, how product development teams install safer gambling designs and the company’s overall behaviour toward safer gambling.

Playtech Awarded Gamcare Safer Standard Acknowledgement Shows The Brand Cares!

Playtech’s Compliance Manager, Richard Bayliss, was proud of the achievement but was quick to recognise how Playtech have always had a close relationship with their licensees. The services that Playtech provide, along with exemplary product, comes naturally to Playtech, but Bayliss mentioned that with the help of the licensees, they always aim to raise the standards within the industry for responsible business operations and gambling safety.

Playtech has made a special effort since 2018 to increase strategic focus, by coordinating with academics, thought leaders and charities, both inside and outside of the sector, to enable Playtech to offer sustainable success. Bayliss finished by mentioning how pleased he was to see that GamCare had recognised the efforts of Playtech, but they will continue to challenge themselves to keep on improving, identifying new developments and recognising the customer needs.

Hayley Jane Smith is the head of GamCare’s Safer Gambling Standard and she commented on Playtech’s recent success. She explained that Playtech was given Advanced Level 2 of the B2B Standard, as they provide Great British licensed platform operations and casino products which demonstrates clearly the focus for improving its safer gambling approach.

Jane Smith was honest about the review process, confirming that GamCare investigated very deeply the processes and operations of Playtech. She congratulated Playtech on their professionalism and would like the two to work closely moving forward into ongoing developments and future designs.

A Little More About GamCare

GamCare is a charity that was started in 1997 in the United Kingdom. The independent charity provides a range of services for anyone connected to problem gambling from across England, Scotland and Wales. The organisation has a national helpline for gambling that they operate. Freephone number 0808 8020 133 can be called or chat via the web to get support whether directly or indirectly affected by problem gambling.

GamCare also operates a youth program that aims to provide education for young people via workshops. GamCare work closely with Samaritans to try and tackle the long-standing issue of gambling-related suicide.