Slingo Big Wheel Release

The brand new Slingo Originals Big Wheel title brings 3 popular casino games into 1. Are you a fan of bingo, lotto, and wheels of fortune? (Image from

It is time for something a little different, and a game that is sure to pique the interest of all you wheel of fortune, bingo, and lotto fans out there because the new Slingo Originals Big Wheel release gives you an all-in-one game that will have you entertained for hours on end.

Once again Slingo Originals has come up with yet another masterpiece to complement an iGaming sector that we thought was on the down, but now it is back on the up and up with software providers like Dragonfish, Pragmatic Play, Evolution, BetGames.TV, TVBet, Ezugi, and Playtech Bingo all bringing bingo and lotto games back into the limelight, while Slingo, Slingo Originals, and Quik Gaming are inventing hybrid lotto, bingo, slot, and table games online.

Slingo Big Wheel is a new game that combines slots with bingo with the aim to gain as many Slingos (hitting five numbers in a row across a 5×5 board) within a prepaid round of ten spins. There is an option to pay for additional spins in case you need to reach the three Slingo requirements in order to activate the Slingo Big Wheel. The price of each spin after the ten prepaid spins increases after each spin and you must decide whether to gamble or start a fresh round if this is the case.

The more of the board you fill during the ten spins, the higher the rewards. There is a guaranteed payout per Slingo which is safer and less costly, however, using additional spins can boost the winnings from each round but this becomes more of a gamble and casual players might wish to stick within the ten spins limit and seeing if they can reach the Slingo Big Wheel bonus this way and avoid spending on extra spins.

Highlights: This game comes with a modest RTP of 95.1% and a max exposure of 5000x your initial bet. As with many Slingo games, the betting values available are €0.20, €0.40, €1, €2, €5, €10, €25, €50 and €100 per ten spin rounds.

The Slingo Originals Big Wheel Features

If you have played the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, you shall notice that Slingo Big Wheel comes with some similarities as well as adding a classic Slingo mechanic with hitting five numbers in three rows needed to unlock the bonus wheel. The Slingo Big Wheel has a massive maximum win multiplier of 5000x of your initial bet. There is also a Boost segment on the wheel that increases the cash rewards to a new tier and finally a Super Wheel that moves you onto the highest tier, where the rewards are substantially greater in value. As mentioned, to activate the Big Wheel, spin the regular slot reel and fill numbers on the Slingo grid, aiming to hit 5 numbers in a row to get a Slingo.

Slingo Originals Big Wheel Special Symbols

There are special symbols that come into play to assist you in unlocking the Big Wheel, which will randomly roll in such as Wild, Super Wild and Free Spin. Super Wild allows you to mark off any number on the Slingo grid, with Wild giving you an option to cross off a number in that column. These seem to roll in quite frequently and reaching the three Slingo targets is very achievable with lower wins and regaining your initial bet likely.

Graphics and Sound on the Slingo Originals Big Wheel

The sleek and vibrant design is in keeping with many other Slingo titles and the game interface ensures Slingo Big Wheel is a simple yet fun game to play, with helpful hints popping up to guide you through as you aim to unlock the feature. The in-game music is upbeat and keeps round, ticking along nicely without being too overwhelming. The Slingo Big Wheel feature is visible on the left of the Slingo grid screen and a notification displays how many Slingos needed to unlock the Big Wheel beneath. The total number of Slingos you currently hold in the round is at the top, with an option to Collect the Big Wheel becoming available once you have reached three Slingos.

Slingo license

Slingo holds a licence from the UKGC with the assurances they operate legally in the UK. They also hold another licence from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, with the headquarters of the company based in Guernsey. This is reassuring that the online casino is up to date and compliant with gambling laws, giving players peace of mind from two separate governing bodies that everything here is in order and that Slingo is a safe platform to play on.

Overall, Slingo Big Wheel is a simple slot and bingo combined game, which gives you the option to increase your winnings by paying for extra spins. This is tempting whilst in the early stages but can become expensive if you are trying to chase the Full House feature, it’s probably a good idea to set a limit initially before starting a fresh round. Mostly, you’ll win rewards on the lower end of the spectrum. The game is enjoyable for casual gamers but for the more serious, chasing bigger rewards, the option is also there to achieve this.