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Ready to learn more about the 2 hottest new video poker titles to come onto the market? Action Gaming and IGT have combined once again. (Images courtesy of

Players get a lot of their pleasures from online slots through the great selection of bonuses that are on offer. These bonuses are designed specifically to attract more players, and if they are not up to scratch, then a player will have plenty of other choices at different casinos.

Video poker is a key addition to an online casino’s library of games. Variants such as Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker, and Jacks or Better have a very strong following, and when you throw some bonuses into the mix, you can just about guarantee entertainment.

Video poker enthusiasts out there will need no introduction to the popular games of Ultimate X Video Poker and Super Times Pay, and they will be delighted to learn that the games have evolved, with the release of Ultimate X Gold, and Super Times Pay Stacks. Both of these games are multi-handed and require extra wagering to activate the bonus features.

International Game Technology are a well-known producer of video poker, and with its games, wagering more will increase the return to player percentage. They are highly volatile games, and for the biggest wins to occur, you will have to trigger the bonus multipliers.

Action Gaming has worked side by side with IGT to create plenty of video poker titles, with several new games released every year. Super Times Pay has arguably been the pick of the bunch, and in this game you sixth-coin each hand.

At random times during this game, there will be a multiplier added to a card space. If you can manage to win with this hand, then you will see your profits soar, with a potential 10x multiplier up for grabs. This means that if you would have ordinarily won 5 coins for a pair of Jacks, the winnings would now become 50 coins, or a royal flush which would pay 4,000 coins, would turn into a colossal 40,000 coin haul.

The Advancement of Super Times Par to Super Times Pay Super Stacks

Super Times Pay has now advanced into Super Times Pay Super Stacks, and just like its ancestor, you can play in the versions of Triple, Five, and Ten Play. After receiving your starting hand, you will then decide which cards you want to hold, and after that, your hand will be cloned along with the remainder of the deck, so you will get either 3, 5, or 10 different draws.

What makes Super Stacks different from the original, is that you can have bonus hands as well as the bonus multipliers that we all remember. To activate this, an additional 5 coins each hand will have to be wagered. When playing Triple Play with no bonus feature, there is a limit of a 15 coin bet maximum, so in Triple Play, this becomes 30. When playing 5 Play, that would become a bet of 50, rather than 25, and 10 Play it would be 100 rather than 50.

There is a huge incentive to playing this game with the added wager, as there is the chance to get an extra hand that has a multiplier attached to it. This occurs on average around once in every eleven hands. The average multiplier is a very attractive 4.06, but there is a chance of getting 10x. The smallest multiplier is 2x which can happen a lot, but then when a 10x hits, it will push the average up to around 4x.  Depending on how many hands you start with will decide the average of extra hands. If you happen to be playing Super Stacks Triple Play, you can look to average 6 extra hands up to 9 maximum. 5 Play will see an average of 10 hands up to 16, and 10 Play will have an average of 20 extra hands up to a maximum of 30 possible.

Having this number of hands as well as the possibility of multipliers means that there is huge winning potential. However, the bad news is that a loss will see you lose twice as much as normal, and having an extra bet can turn some winners into losers. When playing Double Double Triple Play, landing a straight with one hand, and 2 losing hands, will see a return of 20 coins. So, if you bet 15 then you will come out in profit, but a bet of 30 will see a loss.

Michael Shackleford, Video Poker Industry Expert Talks About Payback Percentages

Industry expert, Michael Shackelford, calculated the percentage of payback for Super Stacks. When playing 9-6 Double Double Bonus Poker, you can expect a return of 98.98% when playing with no feature, but playing Super Stacks, you can expect a return of 99.79%.

If you are playing 7-5 Bonus Poker, the standard game will have a 98.01% return, with that number increasing to 98.82% when playing Super Stacks. There is always the increased volatility to consider, but Super Stacks will pay a higher return in the long run.

The other new game, Ultimate X Gold, originates from Ultimate X. The earlier game has a large number of fans, and is one of the most popular multiplier games. Ultimate X is available in Triple Play, 5, and 10 Play versions. When playing Ultimate X, if you get dealt a winning hand in the middle, and a 4X appears on the space next to it for the follow-up hand, the payout will be quadrupled.

If there are different winners for the middle, bottom or top, then every space will have a multiplier on the following hand. A losing hand will see no multipliers, and the size of the multiplier can be from 2x to 12x.

Ultimate X Gold Makes a Splash for Cash in Video Poker

Ultimate X Gold is quite similar to this concept. Just as we see in Ultimate X, a 5 coin bet will be required to have the chance of a bonus feature, and just like with Ultimate X, there will be different multipliers on different hands. However, different to Ultimate X is that when it is a losing hand, the multiplier will not be lost. The multiplier will remain in place until a winning hand can be achieved.

In the beginning, each hand will have the regular 1x return, with the multiplier increasing with winners. 3-of-a-kind winners would see the multiplier increasing on all equal hands up to 4-of-a-kind. In Jacks or Better variants, you will see no multipliers for royal flushes, straight flushes, two pairs, and high pair wins. If there is a 9x multiplier attached to a straight when playing Double Double Bonus, you will get 180 coins rather than the usual 20. At this point, the multiplier will reset to 1x, and begin the building process again.

All other multipliers would not be affected. If there is a 9x multiplier for a 4-of-a-kind of 5’s up to kings, it will remain there until the next time you get 4-of-a-kind, at which point you will get 2,250 coins rather than the usual 250. This is the reason why video poker players are constantly talking about these 2 exciting new games.