Empty the Bank by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play releases one of its most entertaining titles of the year – Empty the Bank! Want see a slot packed with action? This is it… (Image from pragmaticplay.com)

Pragmatic Play is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated, action-packed, Empty the Bank! It now becomes an addition as one of Pragmatic Play’s 83 strong portfolio, with 2 more games coming soon!

This latest release is one of the highest paying in the collection with a payout up to 10,000x in the feature, offering a chance to win a million dollars!

Moreover, Empty the Bank is a feature-strong video slot that takes you to the streets of London and into a life of crime with an easy to play, 5×4 reel set. A backdrop showing bags of money is an indicator as to what this game can potentially bring! A charming voice-over in the feature adds a lot of character to the game and is sure to put a smile on your face as we hear some typical language of London, it feels like Michael Caine is playing along with you!

Build Your Own Style with Game Settings

Game customisation is strong on the Empty the Bank video slot title, and that’s because you have plenty of options to tailor your playing experience! And it all starts with a choice of betting stakes starting at €-£-$ 0.20 and going up to €-£-$ 100. There is a bet multiplier function that you can activate whereby you increase your chances of hitting the feature during the base game at an additional cost of 25% per spin.

Plus, this exciting Empty the Bank slot title gives you the option of instantly playing the free spins round without having to wait for the scatter bonus to trigger it!. Simply use the Buy Respin Round option. It comes at a cost of 80x your stake and is perfect if you are a player in a hurry or not interested in the entertaining base game gameplay. Adding to all this, the slot’s system settings available to you are a testament to Pragmatic Play’s gaming experience business model as there are 5 different ways to characterise your gameplay.

  • Quick Spin allows you to play faster by reducing the spin time
  • Battery saver mode saves battery life by reducing the speed of the excellent animations
  • Turn the Ambient Music on or off depending on how you are feeling as a player
  • Turn Sound FX on or off to your liking
  • You have the option to show the Intro Screen before starting the game or not

Empty the Bank Slot Bonus

Empty the Bank Slot Paytable

Gameplay in Base Mode

Empty the Bank is truly a high volatility game. A high volatility game will pay out less often than a low volatility game. However, playing a high volatility game means that your chances of winning big in a short period of time are much higher. And the slot offers three separate RTP settings. The theoretical volatility rests at 96.48% as it is when in Ante Bet mode. When using the Buy Re-spins, the RTP will sit at 96.44%.

In terms of base game gameplay, Empty the Bank has a fairly traditional setup. All icons pay from left to right, using a 5×4 reel set, 20 paylines, and 11 different icons to match up that include Wilds and Bonus. The reel display is super clear, with large icons that display lovely bold colours that really make the images stand out. There are a variety of payouts with the icons varying from 0.25x up to 20x your bet.

Other Icons to be found have special behaviours: There is the Thief icon which behaves like a wild. It can be substituted for any symbol apart from the Bonus. What is different about these Wilds is that they can be found on all reels. Most other slots would see limited Wilds, but not with Empty the Bank. The Safe icon is the bonus icon and can appear on reels 1,3 and 5 only. If you get 3 in view it will trigger the Empty the Bank Respin feature game and it’s time to go and play for big money!

Empty Safe Payout Symbols

  • J – J are the joint lowest payers of all but get a winning combination of 5 for 2x your bet. A winning combination of 3 will get you 0.25x
  • Q – Payout the same as J
  • K – 3 K’s in a winning combination will pay 0.5x your bet and getting a winning combination of 5 will pay you 3x
  • A – Payout the same as K
  • Coins – Stack of coins pay 1x for just 3 in a winning combination, while a combination of 5 will get you 4x
  • Cash – Wad of cash pay the same as coins
  • Gold Bar – Gold bars start at 2x for just 3 in a winning combination and for a combination of 5 will pay 10x
  • Sack of Jewels – Sacks of Jewels pay the same as Gold Bars
  • Crowns – these are the highest paying regular icon, paying 20x for a combination of 5. Just a combination of 2 will get you 0.25, getting 3 will pay 2.5x and 4 will pay 5x.

Bonus Feature

Entering the vault feels like you’ve just cracked Fort Knox! Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the thief who will be giving you both verbal and visual encouragement all throughout the feature. He will present you with a 7×6 set of safes with 20 of the safes already opened and 22 unopened. You get 3 respins meaning each opened safe can potentially be filled with a prize. If you do fill one of the unopened safes on any respin, then your respins will be filled up again!

The thing to note is, as well as multipliers, there are 7 special items that can be found in an unopened safe – each of the icons behaving differently, bringing huge benefits.

 A multiplier can be found in an unopened safe and range from 1x up to 10x. The multipliers found are added together and at the end of the feature round, the player is awarded the number of multiplier times their current bet. Note that if you are playing with the increased chance to win function, the multiplier will not recognise the extra cost as your bet, only the initial bet. So, if you are playing $100 spins and want to increase your chances, then you will pay $125 per spin. The multiplier will only recognise the $100 and not the $25.

  • Special Items: When in a high-paying feature game like Empty the Bank, every bonus spin really counts. This respin feature offers many an opportunity for the game to continue with a seemingly endless amount of respins on offer.
  • Alarm – Reel in the alarm item and it will boost your Respins up to 4! Over the course of a feature round, this is an extremely powerful icon to have behind you.
  • Ladder – Finding the ladder will open the row of safes above you, giving you up to an additional 5 boxes, presenting 5 more opportunities to find an icon!
  • Computer – A computer will double all the number of multipliers on the screen at that moment. Any multiplier found after finding the computer, will not be subject to a x2 value.
  • Hammer – will open row 7 giving you up to an additional 6 opened safes! With a guaranteed 3 spins to go, this presents at least 18 more opportunities to add to your winnings or even find the jackpot!\
  • Drill – will open row 1 giving you up to 6 opened safes presenting at least 18 more opportunities to land a prize!
  • Walkie Talkie – Finding a walkie talkie really gets your heart beating as it is guaranteeing you a great return on your bet. The cell phone will reward you with an additional +1 on to every multiplier, every spin, for every open safe box that you have until the feature is over!
  • Thief – if triggered, he will collect all prizes on the screen and store them in his very own safe. This could potentially give you 41 more opened safes. It would be like having a double feature!
  • Safes – Safes get you the ultimate prize of 10,000x your bet, meaning that if you play at $100 a spin, you will win One Million Dollars! That is what this game is all about – the chance at life-changing money.
One of Pragmatic Play’s Finest Creations

Over the years, Pragmatic Play has produced some fine examples of excellent video slot gaming. Empty the Bank is just another example of the outstanding craftsmanship that goes on in that studio. Empty the Bank might be Pragmatic Play’s proudest production so far as it has everything that you would want in a video slot. It has great displays, top-quality graphics with light-hearted animations. The Re-spin feature is thrilling with action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The feature game has a wealth of special icons that are easy to follow, and each of which, make a significant contribution to the entire experience of Empty the Bank. Overall, it is easy to play has a little light-hearted humour, is potentially lucrative and most of all, it is sun and entertaining!

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