Online Gambling Yield up 3% in Britain

‘British Online Gambling Yield Increases 3% to £560 Million in April 2021!’ (Image by Lukas from Pexels)

The UKGC started producing monthly online GGY (gross gambling yield) reports at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the latest for April 2021 has shown an increase of 3% up to £560 million compared to March – making it the second-largest monthly online gambling yield since the pandemic began!

The UKGC began compiling monthly data from Britain’s biggest online gambling operators, which represent 80% of the regions iGaming market, back in March 2020. The regulatory wanted to monitor online gambling behaviour throughout the continued and ever-changing lockdown restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. The aim is to track month-by-month GGY (gross gambling yield) rather than comparing the yield on the same month in the previous year. Comparing year on year throws up too many different circumstances to represent an accurate comparison. For example, many sporting events were cancelled or postponed in 2020, while some have taken place in 2021. This will make an obvious impact on online betting figures.

The key findings from this report compiled by the UKGC, the strictest gambling regulator in the world, includes a 3% increase in the online GGY for April when compared to March. That yield reached £560 million, which makes it the second-largest during the pandemic behind December 2020.

The UK is considering lifting all COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and guiodelines on the 21st of June. With everything seemingly back to normal, it will be interesting to see how it affects the UK’s online gambling GGY.

Increased Online Gambling Yield Due to Online Betting on the Grand National

The only two online gambling verticals to increase in yield compared to March was online betting and eSports betting. The former is no doubt down to the Grand National which took place behind closed doors. Online betting yield increased by £17 million (7%) to £267 million when compared to March. All other verticals actually saw a decrease in terms of yield, bets placed, and the number of players. This points to the Grand National having a major impact on the overall GGY figures for the month of April, why early wagers on the upcoming Euro 2020 played a part too.

In terms of online slots, this vertical experienced a drop of less than 1% in yield. April had a yield of £202,022,041 compared to the 202,921,192 recorded in March. Similarly, all other online casino gambling verticals suffered a similar reduction in yield of less than 1%. All other verticals showed very little change when compared to figures released in March.

For most verticals, it looks like it was business as usual with no major differences. The Grand National obviously skewed the overall figures as was expected. The start of Euro 202 should see something similar when the reports for June surface.

April 2021 Gross Gambling Yield Per Vertical (Compared to March 2021)

  • Slots – £202,022,041 (0%)
  • Casino Gaming – £70,950,541 (0%)
  • Betting – £267,393,328 (+7%)
  • Virtual Betting – £7,621,729 (-9%)
  • eSports Betting – £1,902,862 (+3%)
  • Poker – £8,390,140 (-9%)
  • Other – £1,993,048 (-5%)