Plinko BGaming Epic Win

The popular game Plinko released in 2022 by BGaming paid out a millionaire’s nest egg of $1.6m after 2,500 ‘Ball Drops’ (Images courtesy of

A new BGaming title known as Plinko has just paid out a whopping $1,600,000 in cash!

The game only hit the online casino scene on 24 April this year touting an impressive 99.9% theoretical RTP—that’s just a 0.01% house edge, which is one of the lowest you will find online.

The lucky play landed a series of wins after playing over 2,500 drop drops which continually churned out high paying wins. The victory win was taken down by a high roller betting high. He/she was laying down $1,000 a shot on high-risk mode with 16 lines.

That’s the maximum number of lines you can bet, the max bet in cash, and the highest risk mode you can set the game to. This is a player that obviously had one mission in mind—‘bet big to win big’—a strategy that does not often pay off for most of us.

As they say in Spanish as a sign of respect to the brave ‘you need some big Cojones’ to bet those amounts on the highest setting this game offers. Yet, with a 99.9% theoretical RTP, those are some pretty good odds if you are persistent enough, which is exactly what this player was – ‘patient’, ‘tenacious’, ‘persevering’, ‘determined’ or call it what you will, that is one session I would love to have been a part of (with my money of course!).

What is Plinko by BGaming?

The Plinko casino game is classified under the BGaming ‘Fast Games’ and ‘Casual’ collection of titles and comes with a 99% theoretical RTP. If you are familiar with Evolution’s Crazy Time live casino wheel of fortune title, then you will know Plinko as one of the 4 bonus rounds. It is a game that originates from Pachinko said to have Japanese origins. BGaming has called the game Plinko, and in their review of the game, it says the name is a metaphor for life.

Literally, all the game involves is a ball (known as the bubbling fuchsia ball) dropping into a mechanism with pins, and the ball will drop downwards. As the ball hit the pins, it randomly changes the direction the ball falls. At the bottom of the game, there are 9 boxes the ball can fall into, and each box has multipliers. Whichever box the ball lands in, is the multiplier you will receive. There are 3 risk levels, which are high, normal, and low. The higher the risk, the bigger the multipliers, but also the higher the chance of hitting a low multiplier becomes because more boxes are dedicated to low multiple payouts.

Here’s how it works:

Low Risk Mode Multipliers (8 Lines)

Plinko Low Risk Mode (8 Lines)

Maximum Multiplier 5.6x

Normal Risk Mode Multipliers (8 Lines)

Plinko Medium Risk Mode (8 Lines)

Maximum Multiplier 13x

High Risk Mode Multipliers (8 Lines)

Plinko High Risk Mode (8 Lines)

Maximum Multiplier 29x

As you can see, the higher the risk, the more negative multiplier boxes at the bottom of the game are added. However, the higher paying boxes considerably increase the multiplier. Now in these examples, this is the 8 line version of the game. On the right-hand side you can see there are options to change the mode into multiple lines on top of the low, normal, and high risk setting. Those options are 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 lines.

The player that landed the mega $1,600,000 in cash was playing the high-risk version with 16 lines, and he did this with $1,000 bets 2,500 times in order to land his millionaire haul of cash. Check out the image below – ‘High Risk Mode Multipliers (16 Lines) – $1.6 Million Win’ for an example of the mode he was playing.

Low Risk Mode Multipliers (16 Lines)

Plinko Low Risk Mode (16 Lines)

Maximum Multiplier 16x

Normal Risk Mode Multipliers (16 Lines)

Plinko Normal Risk Mode (16 Lines)

Maximum Multiplier 110x

High Risk Mode Multipliers (16 Lines) – $1.6 Million Win

Plinko High Risk Mode (16 Lines)

Maximum Multiplier 1,000x

Other BGaming ‘Fast Games’: BGaming, one of the first iGaming developers to introduce crypto and provably fair games, also has Rocket Dice (theoretical RTP 99%), Minesweeper, Heads & Tails, and Space XY (theoretical RTP 97%). The latter, Space XY has the potential to pay x10,000 to your bet, while we all know the potential of Blinko, which you can play for free here.