Pragmatic Play Shows Support for Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation With 21000 Euros

Pragmatic Play Shows Support for Philanthropic Foundation With 21000 Euros. The foundation has focused on renovating public hospitals. (Image Source:

The leading content provider in the gaming industry, Pragmatic play has thrown its weight behind the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation with a 21,000 Euros donation. The donation is proof of the provider’s support for the foundation for a project regarding the rehabilitation of the Clinical Institute Fundeni (Children’s oncology section). Pragmatic Play’s donation is expected to boost the funding of the 7th-floor rehabilitation in the aforementioned building.

The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation is a leading NGO in Romania founded in 2007 with a focus and goal of protecting estranged children who are no longer with their parents for one reason or the other. The foundation helps such children to integrate back into society. Furthermore, the foundation has focused its efforts on renovating public hospitals’ sections that are dedicated to the treatment of children in recent years.

Pragmatic Play has further restated and extended its commitment to helping charitable initiatives through donations and contributions. Some of this assistance to the charitable initiative include; numerous donations to causes in Malta, playing a major role in the renovation of Prior Park School’s sports pitch in Gibraltar, International Women’s Day contribution to ‘Women for Women’ among several others.

Statement from Pragmatic Play’s CEO

Julian Jarvis, Pragmatic Play CEO stated that the company believes so much in supporting great causes and that it plans to do even more as it is opportune to be in a position to help those charitable initiatives which aim to make a difference to the wider society. Jarvis further stated that this donation was possible because The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation helps children who are in need, so Pragmatic Play is pleased to assist the foundation with its donation.

Statement from Pragmatic Play’s Head Of Human Resource

Pragmatic Play Head of Human Resource, Ramona Predie also spoke on the donation, stating that:

Pragmatic Play’s CSR is very essential for the wellbeing of the society especially as the whole world is just recovering from the adverse effects of the global pandemic.

Predie added that the company felt that it was important to be part of the Fundeni Hospital project championed by The Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation by donating to them so as to bring about a lasting change. The Head of HR further stated that Pragmatic Play’s donation will help the hospital to meet some of its critical needs and will also leave a minimal lasting influence on the company.

According to Preddie,

Pragmatic Play remains committed to supporting institutions that provide essential services to the surrounding communities. Joining forces with such institutions will drive significant and incredible long-term achievements towards Pragmatic Play’s goal to help the medical system.

In the last remarks, Pragmatic Play’s HR Head reiterated the company strive to make sure that the local Romania community has access to basic health facilities to meet their health needs. Also,  Preddie pointed out that Pragmatic Play is delighted to be part of such amazing change which the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation is driving.