Million Euro Ancient Fortunes Jacpot

Dreaming of becoming a millionaire? Microgaming jackpot pays easy money after its WowPot network pays another million Euro jackpot windfall! (Photo by

Microgaming’s WowPot jackpot has been hit for the third time in its history, paying out an astounding 3.89 Million Euro WowPot windfall. The win quickly elevates itself into the number 2 position as the second-highest paying WowPot since the pooled jackpot network began back in February 2020.

The latest win, in case you didn’t catch it on the image accompanying this news report, was a life-changing €3,898,637.78, so just shy of €4 million, and it was the Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot Megaways title that dished out this mesmerising jackpot win.

This is the latest jackpot title to be welcomed into the WowPot pooled jackpot network. It joined the likes of Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem, Sisters of Oz, African Legends, Queen of Alexandria, Sherlock & Moriarty, and 9 Blazing Diamonds WowPot. And just for good measure, Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot Megaways beat 5 of the other WowPot slot titles to triggering a WowPot jackpot payout.

Only the Sherlock and Moriarty and Book of Atem titles have paid out a WowPot jackpot win, while just 4 slot titles in the collection of 7 have created newborn millionaires. The exception to the rule being the Sisters of Oz titles which paid out a €1,123,513.15 reward via the network’s second-highest paying jackpot, which is the ‘Major’.

To date, that was the highest ‘Major’ jackpot payout with the second-highest ‘Major’ jackpot win coming via the Book of Atem when it paid out €998,876.35 narrowly missing the million Euro mark. The same slot title is responsible for the largest ever WowPot payout, which was €17,529,047.11 paid out back in April 2021. That was also the first-ever WowPot triggered. And just 7 days later, another player triggered a WowPot jackpot win of €2,025,388.75 on the Sherlock and Moriarty title – in the space of just 7 days, the WowPot had gone from never paying out for 14 months since the network began to dishing out 2 consecutive top jackpot wins in a double WowPot week. However, that Sherlock and Moriarty landslide win has just been pushed down to the number 3 spot after the latest Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot Megaways heads straight into 2nd spot.

Mega Moolah: The latest win announced on the Microgaming news outlet came last month in August on the 24th, which was literally 1 day after the Mega Moolah network’s ‘Major Jackpot’ (Major jackpot is the equivalent of the WowPot) released its coffers to produce a €7,231,507.69 win on the original Mega Moolah slot title. We’re not sure why Microgaming took until today to report the latest €3.89 million win. Maybe because both wins were so close to one another. We are sure the world’s longest serving iGaming brand has the €11,130,145.47 sitting around somewhere ready to pay both jackpot winners. It usually takes around 30 days for the full amount to be settled, and Microgaming makes the payments itself!

Close to €64 Million In Jackpot Wins Coming Out of the Millionaire-Making WowPot Jackpot Pool

Since its inaugural launch with the very first WowPot slot, Wheel of Wishes, the WowPot network boasts over 1,641,894 jackpot payouts totalling, and wait for it, an unbelievable €63,679,506.79. Now that figure was taken from Microgaming’s WowPot page at the time of this writing. It will continue to go up every day because all jackpot slots in the WowPot collection come with 4 jackpots. The WowPot, Mega Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot. This is the same as the Mega Moolah network except the WowPot is the ‘Major’ jackpot. In the meantime, the WowPot jackpot has reset to €2 million and has currently gained around close to another €70,000 on top. We are sure that if anyone hit the jackpot right now at €2 million, there would be absolutely no complaints. Until then, we leave you with yet another astounding ‘Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network’ (MPJN) fact that will blow your mind.

Top 5 WowPot Jackpot Wins

WowPot Slot Jackpot Payout Jackpot Type
Book of Atem €17,529,047.11 WowPot
Sherlock & Moriarty €2,025,388.75 WowPot
Sisters of Oz: WowPot €1,123,513.15 WowPot
Book of Atem: WowPot €998,876.35 Mega
Wheel of Wishes €517,862.41 Mega

Billions in Jackpots: Since the MPJN began with the Cash Splash jackpot title back in the 1998, over 20 new titles have been added together contributing to a total jackpot win count of €1.45 billion – yes, that’s billion not million (9 zeroes) in the space of 23 years – that’s an incredible €63 million per year and when you consider that figure includes the days of just 1, 2,3 4 or 5 jackpot slots, these figures are astounding. Right now, the MPJN is heading for the €2 billion marker and it shouldn’t take long to get there. In just this year alone, 2.6 million combined WowPot or Major Jackpot, Mega Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot wins have been recorded totalling €143 million in prize money. Wow!