EveryMatrix 2021 Financials Revealed

The technology provider EveryMatrix 2021 financials declared showed positive performance for the year for the B2B provider. A strong Q4 (Images by northfolk at unsplash.com)

EveryMatrix, the B2B technology provider in iGaming, has announced its 2021 financial results. The company has posted positive numbers throughout the year, and also posted figures for its performance during Q4 of the year.

A Strong Year Financially for EveryMatrix – Performance Targets Reached or Exceeded in Every Area

In its report that was recently released, EveryMatrix declared a gross profit of €13.9 million for the Q4 period in 2021. This final figure is taking into consideration the gross revenue for the company and then deducting all direct costs for the business. This final figure represents a 26% increase on the same quarter for the previous year. For the entire 2021 year, EveryMatrix declared a gross profit of €51.5 million, which represents a 32% increase on 2020.

The EBIDTA for Q4 also demonstrated how well the company has performed, after a 23% year on year increase was declared, with a final figure of €4.4 million. For the year, the EBIDTA figure was €19.7 million, which is an increase of 65% compared to the 2020 figure.

The Group CEO at EveryMatrix, Ebbe Groes, told the industry how he was thrilled to announce the 2021 financial results. He mentioned that the company delivered these results despite changing regulations within the German market. EveryMatrix is delighted with the final figures for the year, according to Groes, and just highlights what a positive effect the decision to invest significantly in technology and product had. Groes went on to state that the investment undergone has enabled EveryMatrix to become more competitive in the market, as it can offer a stronger and more diverse product.

EveryMatrix Expansion in the U.S Market – New Licence in New Jersey Allows for Further Growth   

The U.S market has been one of the primary targets for EveryMatrix in recent years, and it has now invested in New Jersey after securing a licence in the state during Q4. After New Jersey, EveryMatrix focused its attention on other regulated markets in Michigan and West Virginia. In addition to these states, EveryMatrix has made its intentions clear that it will not stop there, and has targeted other key parts of the country, and even into Canada. The B2B iGaming technology provider also signed new partnership deals during the Q4 period with major brands, such as the deal with Golden Nugget Online Gaming.

Landmarks in Q4 for EveryMatrix – Events that Significantly Impacted the Business

There were plenty of significant developments throughout Q4, but some stood out more than others for EveryMatrix. It was identified that for every month, OddsMatrix generated more than €100 million in total bets placed, which was almost 100% more than the same quarter of 2020. SlotMatrix RGS became available to 15 fully regulated markets. SlotMatrix RGS launched a total of 18 games, with 3 coming courtesy of Spearhead Studios. Payment integrations improved by adding another 13 solutions, which took the total number of solutions to over 80, and 10 vendors were integrating into the CasinoEngine.

EveryMatrix Consistency: It wasn’t just the positive Q4 results that had an impact on the impressive yearly figures. EveryMatrix had a busy year from Q1 right the way through to the end of December. During the middle part of the year, EveryMartix announced it would invest in LL Lucky Games AB. This would provide the company with another vital revenue source, and would also help it reach even more target markets. LL Lucky Games AB owns a operates a studio for developments in Latvia, and also has offices in Sweden and Denmark.