WowPot Jackpot Payouts

How often do Microgaming jackpot slots payout? An average of 7.85 per minute! Check out these WowPot wins + MPJN’s €2 billion milestone aim! (Images from

Last week, the ‘Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network’ (MPJN) reported a series of 6-digit jackpot wins helping the network reach its next milestone of jackpot payouts. Wins were triggered on the Poseidon Ancient Fortunes WowPot Megaways (€101k), and Blazing Diamonds WowPot (€293k) which were both recently touted on the official Microgaming Twitter network.

Both jackpots were ‘Major’ jackpot payouts, which on the WowPot network are the second highest paying jackpot available. The ‘WowPot’ is the highest, which pays out a minimum 7-figure sum. In fact, the last ‘WowPot’ to payout was a staggering €3.89 million jackpot in August 2021 in the Ancient Fortunes™: Poseidon WowPot Megaways slot which just paid out that €101k win.

Other big WowPot jackpots have come via Sherlock and Moriarty WowPot in April 2021 paying €2.03 million while the titleholder for the largest ever ‘WowPot’ win goes to the Book of Atem: WowPot slot which a week before that Sherlock and Moriarty WowPot win, paid out a huge €17.53 million. That was the first-ever WowPot which means to date, there have only been 3 ‘WowPot’ jackpots triggers.

4 WowPot Millionaires: You just read that only 3 WowPot jackpots have been triggered, but the WowPot network has created 4 new millionaires. The odd one out is when a player playing the Sisters of Oz: WowPot video slot rolled in the ‘Major’ jackpot, which is the second-largest jackpot in the network. At the time it was worth a life-changing €1.12 million.

Winning Jackpot News: You will never miss any Mega Moolah or WowPot ‘Mega’ or ‘WowPot’ jackpot wins with As soon as Microgaming reports a ‘Mega Jackpot’ win into the millions, you can read all about it here in our news section. Also, keep your eye out on our Microgaming casinos webpage where we update the Mega Moolah and WowPot sections to reflect the largest jackpot payouts on the MPJN.

MPJN is Closing in on a record €1.5 billion in jackpot payouts!

Microgaming’s bid to reach €1.5 billion in jackpot payouts by the end of 2021 is almost certainly one we wouldn’t against. Now the MPJN jackpot network has paid out a total of €1.45 billion, leaving just €500 million in payouts to rock up over October, November, and December. It is a tough ask, but if the holiday season stays true to form, we could see that amazing feat reached.

Last week, the WowPot network was one of the largest contributors to reaching that amazing milestone, which will then set a new milestone which is to reach the €2 billion markers! But let’s not jump too far ahead of the gun just yet. For now, we want to see that €1.5 billion marker passed before we lick our lips for that €2 billion milestone.

WowPot Slots Jackpot Payouts

471 Jackpots Per Hour: Check out the official Microgaming jackpot page here. Right now it says there are 11,329 jackpots paid per day at a rate of 471 jackpots per hour, which comes to an average of 7.85 per minute. All this comes via its ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’, ‘Major’, and ‘Mega’ jackpots attached to its amazing jackpot slots.

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