Yggdrasil Adds Jade Rabbit to Its YG Masters Program

Yggdrasil Adds Jade Rabbit to Its YG Masters Program. Now, this studio can distribute and create gaming content via Yggdrasil’s interface. (Image Source: yggdrasilgaming.com)

There has been a recent addition to the YG Masters program by Yggdrasil with Jade Rabbit Studio becoming the latest company to tap in because it is eyeing acceleration in growth strategy and game development. With the partnership, Jade Rabbit Studio can now distribute and create gaming content by employing Yggdrasil’s interface technology and adaptation tools. Jade Rabbit is seeking to build up its vision of becoming a leading games content supplier globally.

Statement from Jade Rabbit Managing Director

While speaking on the fusion, Jade Rabbit Studio Managing Director, Roger Admeus expressed his delight with the announcement of the agreement with Yggdrasil.

Admeus also explained that;

The agreement will see his company’s future titles released via the YG Masters program together with all its benefits. The established GATI technology which Yggdrasil employs has proven helpful in propelling business growth with efficient network distribution and fantastic promotions.

Admeus stated that his company puts a lot of effort into producing attractive gaming experiences and that becoming a partner of the YG Masters will help the company to accelerate and facilitate the process. The MD further mentioned that the company is looking forward to providing and distributing amazing games via the Yggdrasil network. He then urged the general public and its clients to watch out for Word of Thoth, its very first release from the YG Masters program set to launch on the 17th of May. A regulation-ready, preconfigured development toolkit – Yggdrasil’s GATI technology drives the program and it allows partners to use a uniform solution that creates games and distribute them in global markets to enhance commercial success.

Statement from Yggdrasil Head of Partner Programs

While speaking on the alliance, Yggdrasil Head of Partner Programs, Stuart McCarthy added that part of what his company looks out for in its partners is a mission that matches its own.

He added that;

Jade Rabbit Studio passed the vision test because they have the ambition to drive new excitement levels within the game design. McCarthy concluded by saying that his company looks forward to Jade Rabbit Studio’s creation and is also eager to see how the new relationship works out with hopes for the future.

About Jade Rabbit Studios

Jade Rabbit Studio is a renowned game developer founded in early 2018 with a mission to become the industry standard through the restoration of passion and fun into slot game design. The company also has the vision to be a top global design studio with robust localized content and also become highly regarded by industry players and investors. Jade Rabbit plans to launch and develop an average of twelve games annually this year and onwards.

Despite starting with a small but experienced team that has been active in the online gaming industry for more than 30years, the company always goes all out to give its players a premium game experience. The team members include designers, developers, creators, and they all aim to design top video slots to distribute in the market.