Play’ N Go set to release 3 Clown Monty

Play’ N Go set to release 3 Clown Monty. The new game offers players lots of excitement, fun, and entertainment with clowns. (Image Source:

According to The Daily News report from Play’ n Go, the Circus is back in town in 3-Clown Monty, a new release added to its game portfolio. The new game offers players lots of excitement, fun, and entertainment with clowns.  In the new game, the circus comes back to town or an alleyway in a broken part of the town, and players can use the 3-Clown Monty until the real circus get back to town.

The Whatda, Schmucky, Bumbo, and Monty Brothers chose to start a clown business with little or no noticeable talent. Now the clowns show up all over the country to perform for audiences with utmost devotion to their craft. The clowns have achieved a great feat such that not even refund demands or bad reviews can stop them. Players can now join the clowns for the most fundamental sleight of hand magic – funny hijinks among other things they can be somewhat engrossed with for a day out of delight and fun.

We are told that everything gets even better with the latest addition to the team – Bit-E, a kind of trained gorilla added to the show by the Monty Brothers to make it totally bearable.  So, players can now come down for a special performance to the small alleyway beside the town hall although it is only for a night because they have to leave town immediately after their first performance.

From May 13, players can play 3-Clown Monthy in multiple jurisdictions.

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