Delete Online Casino AccountFrom time to time, a player (you) might want to terminate your online casino account for one reason or another. However, what really happens when you delete a casino account? Is your account 100% deleted? Does the casino still hold personal data? Are your financial details completely removed?

The decision to delete your casino account can be down to a number of reasons. It could be you are not happy with changes in the terms and conditions, the casino’s customer services have gone downhill or it could be that you have a new casino and don’t see yourself playing at the casino any longer so you would prefer your account is no longer accessible.

In this guide, we will talk you through how to make sure you completely delete your casino account, and we also distinguish the difference between an account temporarily suspended and an account that is completely deleted.

When should you consider deleting an online casino account?

Honestly, we can’t fully answer this question for you. Yes, we can give you pointers, but ultimately the decision to delete your casino account is entirely down to you. Our primary recommendation would be to delete your casino account if you have not used it for a long time and you do not foresee yourself playing at that casino again. However, once your account is deleted, in general, you will not be able to create a new account with that casino again. In the world of online casino gaming, the market can change quickly. New software providers come online, new games are released, brands start new verticals like Pragmatic Play venturing into the live dealer scene, and technology changes. Sometimes you may see news of these new game releases, but your existing casino does not offer these new titles. A great example of this is Microgaming’s pooled jackpot networks.

Different rules depending on licensing authority: one point we want to highlight is that account deletion varies depending on the licensing authority.

Maybe in the past, you were not looking for Microgaming progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah because they were stand-alone slot titles. Instead, you preferred the Playtech Age of the Gods pooled jackpot network with 25+ games to choose from. However, Microgaming then brought out a new line of pooled jackpot networks. Namely, the WowPot progressive jackpot network and the evolution of Mega Moolah into a network of progressive jackpot slots. Now you might want to swap casinos to one that accommodates both Microgaming and Playtech jackpot networks. The introduction of Microgaming jackpot networks is just one example that has seen a trend of jackpot players changing their online casinos.

That’s just 10 of 100s of reasons that could lead to you changing to a new online casino. Once you swap online casinos, there is a good chance you will not go back to the old casino. If this is the case, and you are sure, then you should activate account deletion.

I am not sure I want to delete my old casino account? If you think you may go back to your old casino, there are some other options to safeguard your account. (a) Self exclude yourself – this way your account cannot be used for real money bets (b) Delete all your payment/withdrawal methods for the time being. Your casino should send you an email once the self-exclusion period is over and you can reconsider deletion or whether to keep the account.

10 Reason People Change Their Online Casino Leading to Termination of the Old Casino Account

  1. You are developing a gambling problem
  2. Terms & conditions are better on the new casino
  3. A new casino offers more lucrative bonuses/Loyalty Rewards
  4. New games are available at a new casino
  5. Another casino now has online poker, in-play sports, or eSports
  6. Another casino offers gameplay in your preferred currency
  7. Old casino changed operator ownership
  8. The license changed to a less reputable one
  9. An unresolved casino dispute at the old casino
  10. Faster withdrawal times at the new casino

A Deeper Look into Some of the Most Common Reasons Behind Casino Account Deletion

Now have explored the subject of why you might want to terminate your online casino account, we are going to look at some of the more serious reasons in detail. This should also give an idea of whether you should consider swapping your or current online casinos or give you tips on what to look for in your current online casino to make sure you are still getting the best deal.

Changes in ‘Casino Terms & Condition’ or ‘Bonus Terms’

When the terms and conditions worsen at your current online casino, it could be time to look for something more favourable. For bonus hunters, it is for the most part changes to the ‘bonus terms’ that will persuade players to leave. Some of these changes can be subtle, so be sure you know what to look for. Mostly, these terms and conditions changes affect your bonus or the way you deposit. The point is that these changes have a negative effect on your online casino experience and negate some of the reasons that initially made you decide to sign up with the casino.

Check out bonus reviews: If you find your online casino’s bonus terms are changing too much, then check out our online casino reviews. You will find full reviews breaking down the casino’s entire bonus terms and games so you can decide whether another casino offers you a better deal.

Changes in Bonus T&Cs To Keep Tabs On

  • Wagering requirements increase – it could be 30x to 35x
  • Bonus wagering starts to include ‘deposit + bonus’ when it was ‘bonus only’ previously
  • Bonus expiry shortens – maybe from 30 days to 14 days
  • More excluded games – increases the number of excluded games
  • Excludes certain deposit methods from bonuses

Customer Service Failed to Help with a Casino Dispute

As with our daily shopping and interactions with brands, sometimes our internet service provider or another company we deal with, the customer services are just not good enough. When this happens, it can leave a sour taste in your mouth and inevitably your connection with the brand becomes a negative one. One of the primary causes of customer service disputes is when players convert their bonus money into real money and the casino denies it with vague reasoning. Some just say ‘You breached our T&Cs’ with no further comment. Other common issues that arise include denying withdrawals, long periods of withdrawal status showing ‘Pending’, and no response from the customer services team.

Casino Disputes: If you play at a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or UK Gambling Commission licensed online casino, you have full access to the complaint’s services. You can log a complaint if the casino does not give you the exact reason it is not honouring your wagering requirement converted bonus money or not solving a dispute. The authority will launch an investigation and in some cases give us access to mediation services.

Casino Disputes + Poor Customer Services Usually Result in Account Closure

  • Lack of customer services response
  • Bonus money to real money bonus conversion denied
  • The casino does not give specific responses to bonus denial
  • Withdrawals are withheld with no proper reason
  • Withdrawals hang in ‘pending’ time for long periods
How to Delete Your Casino Account Permanently

Almost every online casino has a procedure that allows you to request that your account be terminated. You can usually find this information in the ‘FAQs’ and/or in the ‘Terms & Conditions’. If you cannot find it, then you can email the support team or ask for help via the casino’s live chat if the casino has this facility enabled. That is all there is to it.

If you have a remaining balance, be sure to withdraw it. If that balance is below the minimum withdrawal amount, the casino may auto-return it to your last withdrawal method used and a charge/fee for processing monies under their minimum withdrawal requirement. Once your account is deleted, you should receive a confirmation email.

Remove payment methods: Be sure to remove all your casino payment method details from the deposit area before or just after your request for account deletion. This is just an added measure more for your own peace of mind, so you know there is no real money connection.

Casino Disputes + Poor Customer Services Usually Result in Account Closure

  • Lack of customer services response
  • Bonus money to real money bonus conversion denied
  • The casino does not give specific responses to bonus denial
  • Withdrawals are withheld with no proper reason
  • Withdrawals hang in ‘pending’ time for long periods
How to Suspend Your Casino Account Temporarily

Sometimes the aim is not to completely stop playing at an online casino. It could be you just want a break from online gambling, or you are fear you may be developing a problem gambling habit and need to prevent yourself from playing real money games for a shot period of time. If this is the case, you can either email support to ask if there is a way to temporarily suspend your casino account, or if your casino offers ‘Responsible Gambling’ software tools, then you can self-exclude yourself.

Self-exclusion ranges from 1 hour to 1 year or even a lifetime ban. If you do ban yourself for life, then you may as well just go ahead and request that your account be deleted. That’s because self-exclusion cannot be reversed no matter how much you try to please with customer services. Under the MGA and UKGC licenses, if a casino reversed self-exclusion, it could end up with a sizeable fine.

UKGC/MGA Casinos: Online casinos in the UK are licensed by the UKGC, and casinos under the MGA will have software or, at the very least, a facility that will allow you to self-exclude yourself from real money gaming. Just always be aware that this is purely a temporary ban, and it is not account deletion if you choose to self-exclude for life.

Temporary Suspending Your Casino Account

  • You can use responsible gambling tools
  • Self-Exclusion software allows you to suspend real money gambling
  • 1 hour to 1 year are all options
  • You can self-exclude for life
  • Lifetime self-exclusion is not account deletion
  • UKGC & MGA casino will have self-exclusion options
Handling of your Personal Data After Terminating your Online Casino Account

The privacy policy is an interesting aspect when it comes to deleting an account. With most online casinos, the GDPR policies apply to online casino termination. That is as long as the casino is under a proper licensing authority in which privacy, consumer rights, and data laws are forced upon the casino as part of its IT policy.

If this is the case, then your data will be completely wiped off the system with only your name stored for future reference. The casino keeps your name to avoid reactivation of the account. On top of this, online casinos now cannot use your information or store it for advertising purposes.

An additional course of action you can take is to ‘explicitly’ request the deletion of personal information after your casino account has been deleted. You can request confirmation from the casino in writing that states the casino removed all sensitive data about you from the operator/provider’s system.

What happens if the casino still contacts you? If you happen to receive unwanted messages or advertising from the casino portal after your account has already been deleted, then all your personal information may still be on the casino’s operator network. This is also a sign that you need to specifically request the casino’ operator to remove all personal info about you.

In a Nutshell – the Key Factors When Terminating Your Online Casino Account

If you have a gambling problem, then this is one of the primary reasons to close your online casino account or suspend it temporarily using self-exclusion tools. See Gamcare for information about how self-exclusion works. Aside from this, other reasons people tend to close their casino account boils down to dissatisfaction with the service, an unresolved casino dispute, or you simply find an online casino that you prefer playing at because of the games or improved terms and conditions. Life is all about choice, and the iGaming industry is a buyer’s market allowing you to jump from brand to brand, and that often means making the decision to permanently close your online casino account.

What happens to my private data?

If you are a member of a licensed online casino, there will be procedures in place on the casino’s IT system that ensure the casino deletes all personal information about you along with the casino account. Companies registered in Gibraltar, the UK, Alderney, Malta, and Curacao are obliged to delete all data. The Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission have very strict rules surrounding account deletion and removing your personal data with them.

What happens to my casino balance when I delete my account?

If your casino’s account balance is above the casino’s minimum withdrawal limit, then you can simply withdraw the full amount, and then proceed with removing all your payment details. If the amount is less than the minimum withdrawal limit, the casino may charge you to transfer it to your chosen withdrawal method.

What happens to my bonus balance when I terminate my casino membership?

All bonus balances are lost. As the casino bonus money is not yours and you did not meet the wagering requirements, you cannot count this as money owned to you. It will be cancelled along with account deletion.

Will the casino send me an email confirming the deletion of my casino account?

Yes. You should receive confirmation. Sometimes there will be a link within the email asking you to click to confirm the deletion of your casino account. =

Is it possible to open an account again with the same casino after I deleted it?

There are a few factors involved here. Some casinos will not allow you to reopen an account with them after you leave them, and especially so if your reason was because of problem gambling. You can ask support at the time of deletion via live chat or on the email. Also, terms and conditions are often sent with the closure of your account and there may be clues here about whether you can open a new account in the future.

Steps to Deleting your Online Casino Account

  1. Returning Funds: Make sure the provider returns any casino balance outstanding. If this is under the minimum deposit amount, the casino will likely charge you for the withdrawal.
  2. Check your profile for deletion options: Some online casinos will have an option to delete your casino account under your profile settings. If this option exists, this is the best place to action the termination of your online casino membership.
  3. Request deletion via support: Sometimes you will need to make a request to terminate your online casino account via the support team. This will be by email in most cases; however, you can contact support agents on the live chat too. They will give you instructions and confirm the correct email address for account deletion.
  4. Reasons for cancelling: Sometimes you will be asked why you want to close your casino account. If you say because of gambling addiction, then the operator will probably ban you for life with no chance of opening a new account with them in the future. This, of course, depends on the license the casino holds.
  5. Ensure all personal details are removed: You may need to go the extra mile and confirm with the casino that it has deleted all your personal details from the system. A telltale sign of the casino’s operator (owning company) may still hold information about you is when you still receive advertising or marketing emails from brands connected to the owning company or network.

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