Scientific Games Corporation Collaborates with Xtremepush

Scientific Games Corporation Collaborates with Xtremepush. This will make the product services of this platform accessible on OpenArena. (Image Source:

Scientific Games Corporation has recently entered a beneficial collaboration with Xtremepush. This deal will mean that the product suite and services of this renowned player experience and multi-channel platform will be easily accessible on OpenArena. With this collaboration, all partners of Scientific Games on OpenArena will be able to access the complete suite of player engagement features provided by Xtremepush across SMS, email, push notifications, among many others.

Shared clients will have the ability to sync information across both solutions to encourage relevant and real-time messages all through the lifecycle of the customer. Xtremepush offers a top player personalization, engagement, and data platform. This will enable it to provide the best multi-channel functionality for a range of leading casino brands and sportsbooks. Xtremepush will be able to give operators the capacity to engage effectively with players and boost the share size of their wallets via this integration with OpenArena.

Statement from Xtremepush’s Director of Partnerships & Key Accounts

Robbie Sexton, Xtremepush’s Director of Partnerships & Key Accounts, stated that:

Being listed on the OpenArena platform offered by Scientific Games is extremely exciting for them. He further added that their solution would help operators engage with layers via real-time, personalized campaigns along with the complete range of live sporting events provided by Scientific Games, and positively players sports betting experience.”

Statement from Scientific Games SVP Sportsbook, Digital

Keith O’Loughlin, Scientific Games SVP Sportsbook, Digital, stated that:

Integrating their OpenArena solution with Xtremepush completely captures the idea behind OpenArena, providing players with the most personalized and smartest sports betting experiences. He also stated that the commitment of Xtremepush to offering these experiences would be highly beneficial to brands and players on their platform.”

About Scientific Games

Scientific Games is a global leader in the lottery and gaming sectors. The company has its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more than 9,000 employees globally. Its mission is to empower clients by developing the best lottery and gaming experiences in the globe. This company offers instant and interactive lottery games created to reach players in any location they are situated, whenever they want to play, and how they choose to do so, regardless of if they decide to go with a casino, digital or retail.

Scientific Games has successfully provided what players and customers find most valuable, like creative content, reliable security, innovative technology, and operating efficiencies.  They have done this effectively for over 85 years via their acquired organizations. Now, they provide customers with a completely integrated portfolio of robust systems, technology platforms, engaging game offerings, and unbeatable marketing solutions and professional services.

About Xtremepush

Xtremepush is an Engagement Marketing and Multi-Channel experience platform that enables leading brands to push engagement and boost revenue. It was developed in 2014 and runs its operations from Dublin. Now, it has offices in numerous locations like the US, UK, and Eastern Europe.  The Xtremepush platform offers marketers and brands to segment, analyze, and target their mobile application and web users allowing for the delivery of significant notifications that are data-driven at the right location and time.