RealPlay and Yggdrasil Launch Odin Infinity Reels Megaways

RealPlay and Yggdrasil Launch Odin Infinity Reels Megaways. The expertise of these two developers means that players can expect the best. ( Image Source:

Through an official press release, a leading global publisher of online gaming content, Yggdrasil has announced its partnership with ReelPlay to release Odin: Infinity Reels Megaways, its latest collaboration. The new release which is set in the mountainous Asgard where Bifrost (the rainbow bridge) looms in the distance is the first-of-its-kind to merge both Infinity Reels mechanics and the famous Megaways.

How the Game Works

Odin Infinity Reels Megaways starts with three reels with different numbers of symbols while the win multiplier ups and the reels expand after every winning combination thanks to its mechanics. Players who are lucky to reach the fifteenth reel or beyond have the opportunity to score an 888x bonus jackpot prize. A player must also land 6 Gungnir Scatter symbols across any number of reels to activate the bonus game. The game will then change into a dual wheel selector whereby players will come across their amount of multiplier and free spins in play. Players can also claim massive wins worth any Norse gold when the win multiplier increases when an extra reel is added in the bonus game.

More Information About the Game

Yggdrasil boasts several ReelPlay titles released through the YGMasters program which was developed using Yggdrasil’s innovative GATI technology with Old Infinity Reels Megaways being the latest addition. This innovative Gati technology from Yggdrasil is utilized by all partners of YG Masters and permits developers to use the standardized, regulation-ready, preconfigured development toolkit to create consistently advanced content. Yggdrasil is renowned for the rapid circulation of its GATI technology across its distribution network and this allows YG Masters partners to fast-track and scale their growth strategies worldwide.

Statement from Yggdrasil Head of Partner Programs

Speaking on the partnership and new release, Yggdrasil Head of Partner Programs, Stuart McCarthy stated that;

The YG Masters program was created to facilitate top products from innovative studios in the gaming industry and this new game matches the specifications.

McCarthy added that his company is always pleased to partner with ReelPlay as they make a fantastic partner and that they are happy to launch the latest hit which aligns with Yggdrasil’s Nordic roots.

Statement from ReelPlay CEO

ReelPlay CEO, David Johnson also spoke about the new release lauding it as the first-ever slot in the whole world to provide Megaways to Infinity. Johnson added that Odin Infinity Reels offers a combination of 2 famous online slot mechanics in a single game to make 117,649 Megaways look small fry. The CEO concluded by expressing his company’s delight with the partnership and the launch of the stunning adventure and also noted that Odin boasts high volatility.