PairPlay Offers Fusion Platform to Tenlot

PairPlay Offers Fusion Platform to Tenlot. This collaboration will provide huge benefits to both parties involved. (Image Source:

PairPlay has signed a deal with Tenlot to provide the lottery operator with its Fusion game aggregator platform. The agreement will see Tenlot gain access to more than 12,000 third-party and proprietary online casino games via the Fusion platform thereby amplifying the firm’s lottery offering in Latin America and Africa.

Statement from Pairplay’s Chief Commercial Officer

While speaking on the new deal, Pairplay’s Chief Commercial Officer, Christine Lewis noted that it is a significant alliance for the company because it will provide brand new premium quality content to top lottery operators and their clients. Lewis continued by saying that Tenlot Group is a trusted partner and operator that holds different licenses in cooperation with highly respectable charitable organizations.  She further expressed her company’s delight with the introduction of its new content to Tenlot Group’s growing exclusive customer base all over the world.

Tenlot Group partners with other renowned companies including WLA (World Lottery Association) members from countries such as Guatemala, Ghana, and Kenya.

Statement from the Chief Executive at Tenlot Group

Also speaking on the agreement, Chief Executive at Tenlot Group, Yossi Abadi stated that:

The company is pleased with the alliance with Pairplay to offer a vast variety of new exciting gaming options which are notable for its engaging and rich content to its customers.

Abadi also stated that with Pairplay’s Fusion platform, Tenlot Group will be able to offer its players superior entertainment experiences, contribute to greater profits and engagements. Lastly, he noted that the Fusion platform from PairPlay is consistent with Tenlot’s business model which entails social investment in its countries of operation. Shares in (STO: ASPIRE) Aspire Global plc. which is Pairplay’s parent company were trading at 2.54% higher at SEK68.60 per share on Tuesday morning in Stockholm.

About Tenlot

Tenlot Group is a fast-moving concessionaire driven by success in today’s diversifying and growing global gaming and lottery market. The company offers the most sophisticated technology solutions in the iGaming field. Similarly, Tenlot Group is a seasoned gaming operator which brings financial resources and expert management credentials to all its country of operation making it a model partner in national gaming ventures.  Tenlot also provides project implementation, custom gaming solutions, and advanced gaming systems via turn-key services and operations. Through research and planning, maintenance, marketing, operation, distribution, training, staffing, and managing technology, Tenlot Group is fully advanced to make sure that its venture is successful and returns a profit.

Furthermore, Tenlot has a collection of diverse gaming and lottery options including games of skill and luck which it offers to its customers. Tenlot selects its games in cooperation with local partners and the games are adapted to the preferences and culture of the local population.  Tenlot delivers all required terminals, gaming systems, training, project management services, implementation, technology, and so on.