King’s Casino owner Sues Facebook for 24million Dollars

The owner of King’s Casino Sues Facebook for 24 million Dollars. This is for a fake advert spread on Facebook regarding the casino. (Image Source: Kings Resort)

Poker players in Rozvadov love to play in King’s Casino, and their beloved card room has hosted a number of major events this year. This week, the property is back in the headlines not because of another one of its prestigious poker event, but instead, it made the news this week because Leo Tsoukernik, its owner, has decided to sue Facebook for 24 million dollars.  Leo is suing Facebook for the damages a fake mobile advert on its platform caused King’s Casino!

The Claims by Leo Tsoukernik

The news of the lawsuit was first seen in a Czech newspaper. It did not take too long for it to spread like wildfire around the globe. Leo filed the lawsuit with claims that the fake advertisement had a negative impact on his casino’s reputation and brand. The card room at King’s casino started warning players about the fake mobile advertisements that were popping up online a few weeks ago. The advertisement allegedly encouraged players in the casino to download an app where they will get a bonus once they sign up.

The bonus was reportedly worth 138 dollars (CZK 3,000). The advert includes a phrase that stated that the ‘best casino in Czech is now online. This phrase is what made the advertisement fake because King’s Casino is a brick-and-mortar casino and does not operate online.  King’s Casino does not in any way offer its players online gambling options.

According to Leo, an untraceable individual has advertised under the casino’s name using Facebook. So, Leo is calling out Facebook for aiding the fraudster to promote the fake advertisement and earn money in the process.

All casinos (including the online operators) are required to have a license in the Czech Republic where King’s Casino operates. So, in this case, Facebook is reportedly said to be negligent because they did not check the license before allowing the online ad on their site.

Constant Request for Removal

King’s casino stated in the suit that it has made several requests to Facebook to take down the false advertisement. King’s established that they were not connected to the posts in any way since they do not operate an online casino. Leo mentioned that the company did not get any reply from Facebook in return to its call for them to remove the ads. This made King’s Casino sue Facebook for damages in a bid to push them to remove the ads.

Leo supported his claim with the fact that advertising requires trademarks of the logo, proof of license, and additional information in other forms of media. However, the last time Facebook demanded such information from them was two years ago, so it is unclear why Facebook approved the advertisement and allowed it to be aired.

Although King’s Casino is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it does not stop the lawsuit. The casino facility is hopeful to resume operations soon with the hope that the pandemic situation will improve and social distancing measures will be relaxed.  King’s Casino will host the 2021 WSOP Europe which will start in November, so they will hopefully resume operation soon.