Online Video Slots Explained - Guide

Our Online Video Slots Explained Guide takes you over how slots have evolved over the years, and tell you about paylines, features, & more! (Image from

The slot machine has come a long way since the American, Charles Fey invented the first back in the 1890s. A mechanical machine, playing involved pulling a lever to determine when the reels would stop. Using symbols we still see today, such as fruits, bells, bars, and horseshoes, the slot machine quickly became popular in saloons all across America.

The premise of slot machines is still closely related to those early renditions, you put your money in and hope you get lucky enough to match up some symbols across the paylines. Of course, over the years slots evolved, developed and became better. One-armed bandits featured prominently in land-based casinos for decades (and still do).

Then came the first video slot which was developed in 1976 by Fortune Coin Co. This was called Fortune Coin and was the first slot machine that was no longer mechanical. It featured a 19″ screen, and the results were determined by a logic board. This slot became hugely popular and was the pioneer of the many physical and online video slots we see today. Two years after releasing that title Fortune Coin Co was acquired by IGT (heard of them?).

It was not until the mid-1990s that video slots started to become mainstream. The internet allowed top casinos to come to us rather than the other way round. From the very start video slots were the most popular casino game at the online casinos, and today we have thousands of them to choose from. They feature cutting-edge graphics and animations, innovative reel mechanics, and exciting bonus features.

In this guide, I will break down the different aspects of a video slot. I will explain the stakes offered, the bonus features you can enjoy, the reel mechanics used to elevate gameplay and determine how you’re paid, and the innovative bonus features that add to the gameplay experience!

Random Fact: Did you know that video poker was invented before the slot machine? Sittman and Pitt Company created machines that had 5-reels with 10-playing cards on each. As you know, that means 50 cards when a standard deck has 52. Well, to increase house edge and allow saloon owners of the time to pay out fewer prizes, two cards were removed from the full deck of cards, the 10 of spades and the jack of hearts. The idea was to create a minimum poker hand to win some prizes. At the time, prizes often involved beer, whiskey, or cigars. Technically, these games operated in the same way as slots. You put your coin in and the reels/drums would spin until you pul