iGaming Stock Market Report Week 51 2022

Tune in for the iGaming Stocks & Shares Week 51 2022 and get a final look at the share prices before we dive into a New Year – welcome 2023! (Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash)

Get ready for the final iGaming Stocks & Shares week 51 report – the last one of 2022. Don’t worry because our financial expert, our very own ‘Warren Buffet’, will be back next year delivering more updates twice a month. We hope you have found all the information dished out thus far useful and look forward to keeping you in the loop with 12 months’ worth of reports coming over 2023.

Let’s get down to business!

The new year is just around the corner and the market in December is in a traditional year-end downward movement. All iGaming stocks seem to be in the doldrums as the year comes to a close, but a few are certain to move into positive territory because of new executive appointments, strategies, acquisitions and game innovation and presentation.

These factors will still be affected by external forces outside of the gambling industry, such as, inflation, disposable personal income, the Russian conflict, etc. All of these aggregate components will play a role in the stock price and movement and this week we will look at Playtech, Entain, Aristocrat, 888 Holdings, Evolution and Light and Wonder to see where these companies are headed as we move into 2023.

A Negative Shift in Stick Prices to End a Dismal 2022

In the previous iGaming stocks and share report, the title to this section was ironically ‘Are marginal increases a sign of recovery stability or false hope?’. And what you are about to read below will answer that question in the short term.

None of the stocks reported has increased on their 2022 starting values as it seems the Covid financial lag is starting to show its hand by hitting many of these gambling firms where it hurts. And that is mostly through their land-based casino and high-street retail gambling operations. Although I could be wrong, if we dug deeper into the cash flows of these organizations, it is their ‘iGaming’ and ‘online sports betting’ arms that are keeping these firms propped up through hard times.

That is bar Evolution, which is almost purely an online gambling entity, and it is also below its 2022 market opening value. In its defence, over the past two years, the company has had its fair share of restructuring to contend with. It moved from predominantly live casino B2B supply into the online slots and virtual (RNG) table game verticals via its acquisitions of Red Tiger Gaming, NetEnt, BTG and Nolimit City software providers. Plus, the company moved into the land-based arena via Digiwheel, that is if we discount its Dual Play tables, which make up a small percentage of its live casino portfolio. With these acquisitions firmly under the company’s belt, could the bulls be in for a pleasant rise in value?

Let’s get stuck in and see what’s happening in the latest edition of iGaming stocks & shares week 51 report:

  • Playtech (PTEC.L) – All iGaming companies have to follow responsible gambling guidelines, but PTEC has gone the extra mile and is funding an academic research project with two prominent Dutch universities. This 4-year project is to develop effective tools and interventions that can be passed on to stakeholders and perhaps be adopted by regulators and the gaming industry. This approach may help PTEC long term (and the industry) but the company stock values continue to slide. The company has lost 6% in the last 2 weeks and is currently trading at 496.15 GBX.
  • Evolution (EVO) – Evolution teamed up with Codere last week in Panama’s newly regulated gaming market and is promoting its live online casino, and also its Red Tiger Gaming (RTG review here) and NetEnt video slot products from slots. But this new collaboration has not boosted the stock price as it has slid 8% in the last 2 weeks and is currently trading at 991.50 SEK. Although EVO is only down 22.71% for the year, it continues its horizontal movement with no signs of a positive spike as the year comes to a close.
  • 888 Holdings (888.L) – This iGaming company was named the Poker Operator of the year for 2022 at the EGR awards but this accolade has not been enough to save the downward spiral of this stock. The company has recently been cited by the Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs for violating new amendments to non-compliance laws and will face a fine of over 4 million EUR. 888 also has looming debt that it is trying to leverage and will focus on fewer markets in an attempt to improve profit margins. The stock is down 71.50% for the year and is currently trading at 86.87 GBX.
  • Light & Wonder (LNW) – LNW is still one of the best stocks featured in our 2-week reviews as it is only down 11% for the last year. The stock looked strong last week as it hit 65.95 USD and looked like it was going to breakout but it has pulled back and it is currently trading at 59.57 USD. Let’s see if it can regain its momentum and hit new highs as we near 2023.
  • Entain (ENT) – Industry professionals continue to promote ENT as a positive stock in the iGaming industry. The company continues to establish new partners and open new markets, the newest partnership with Star Hotels in NSW (opening in 2023). The stock is down 2% since December 6th, but looks poised to breakout to new highs in the new year. It is currently trading at 1,324.46 GBX. As ENT adds additional partners to its expanding portfolio, the stock price should continue in a positive direction.
  • Aristocrat (ALL) – Troubled Aristocrat, which recently announced its new land-based slots products due for display at ICE London 2023, continues to decline, and it is very close to a new yearly low. Currently trading at 30.98 AUD, it is about to break through the bottom of 30.58 AUD and finish the year down almost 32%. Although it has invested a substantial amount of money on licensed games, cabinets/stands and the bingo market, the ROI may not be realized until 2023. Many of these innovations will be showcased at the London ICE in February 2023.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is purely for informational purposes. We have no affiliation with the stocks listed here nor do we advise for and against investing in any of them. Also, for the benefit of accuracy, check the current price as of now because as markets open and close across the globe, these prices will have already changed.