Stock Prices in iGaming 2023 (Issue 4)

In this iGaming Stock Prices 2023 (Issue 4) Playtech, Entain, Aristocrat, Evolution, Light & Wonder and 888 Holdings all feature once again! (Photo by MediaModifier on

As we enter the second half of February, there have been some interesting developments in the iGaming industry, specifically in the United Kingdom/Ireland – two markets covered in on the reputable casinos online guide.

UK-based gambling companies suffered a drop in value as the FTSE dropped due to news that an interest rate hike was imminent to slow rampant inflation.

Most of these companies have bounced back and are trading at higher volumes and prices. The UK gambling commission was due to release a regulatory white paper in the coming weeks, but a shake-up is currently underway and will be delayed once again.

The revamp is being led by the prime minister, while the previous ministers responsible for the white paper have been reshuffled and new staff are being considered… further delaying the release of the regulatory guidelines.

The recent success of the international iGaming industry exhibition, ICE, should be a good yardstick on where the industry is headed. The exhibition welcomed a record 35,000+ attendees from 68 jurisdictions to display all sectors of the industry. The ExCel London exhibition centre was totally booked and featured the most prominent people in the industry. These industry players gave their views on where the industry is headed and what the most pressing issues were… and most opinions were very optimistic on where the industry was headed in 2023.

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What Happened in the latest iGaming Stock Prices 2023 (Issue 4)?

Playtech Casino
Playtech – (PTEC.L)

  • Playtech continues to expand its territory and acquisitions. In the last couple of weeks, PTEC has entered the U.S. retail sports betting market by partnering with Gold Rush Gaming and was live for Super Bowl LVII. The company has extended its relationship with North Star Gaming in Canada for another 10 years with an investment of £7.7m. The investment is intended to expand its market share in Ontario and future expansion across Canada. In the Americas, PTEC is currently in Mexico, Brazil and Columbia and has plans to expand into countries that are committed to long-term regulations that are sustainable. In the UK & Ireland, the company has continued an exclusive partnership with Paddy Power after a successful World Cup. Paddy Power will continue to provide PTEC betting terminals in retail shops. On the back of all this positive news, Playtech expects revenue to be around £353m for the 2022 financial year. The future looks bright for PTEC, but the stock took a hit several days ago as the threat of interest rate hikes in the UK caused the market to drop, pushing down the share price. PTEC is currently trading at 567 GBX and is not far from breaking through a monthly high of 584 GBX.

Current Price: 584 GBX
3 Jan 2023 Open: 506.50 GBX

2023 Performance
+77.50 GBX (+15.26%)

AristocratAristocrat – (ALL)

  • Aristocrat has held up admirably compared to its peers and is up 8.29% in the last month. The company has added senior executives to its expanding international staff in order to strengthen their iGaming markets. ALL recently completed the acquisition of Roxor, expanding its reach in the UK and US markets. The share price hasn’t fluctuated much in the last year and could reach higher highs if it breaks $41 AUD. The stock price is currently trading at $36.04 AUD.

Current Price: 36.04 AUD
3 Jan 2023 Open: 30.66 AUD

2023 Performance
+5.38 AUD (+17.55%)

Light & Wonder
Light & Wonder – (LNW)

  • This iGaming technology provider has analysts speculating positive news regarding stable trends in this sector of the market. They expect the company to deliver H1 earnings above previously predicted outlooks but maintain macroeconomic factors are an uncertainty and will play into their guidance. The company is up marginally in the last 2 weeks and closed at 64.88 USD.

Current Price: 64.88 USD
3 Jan 2023 Open: 56.95 USD

2023 Performance
+7.93 USD (+13.92%)

888 Holdings PLC888 Holdings – (888.L)

  • The troubled 888 Holdings continues to suffer from the fallout of the closure of VIP Middle Eastern gambling accounts (investigations on-going regarding money laundering allegations) and the departure of their CEO. To make matters worse, it has come to light that several William Hill employees have been arrested in Nevada in a embezzlement scheme. The employees used internal information technology to add money to sports bets, print and redeem winning vouchers. The share price is down 75% in the last year and continues to push down to new lows and is currently trading at 67.85 GBX. See the full 888 Financial stats here – 888 Holdings Q4 Revenue Review + 2022 Financial Performance!

Current Price: 67.85 GBX
3 Jan 2023 Open: 84.60 GBX

2023 Performance
-16.75 GBX (-19.76%)

Entain – (ENT)

  • Entain experienced a sharp drop in their share price last week as MGM Resorts dropped their takeover bid for ENT. The share price fell 13% on the news, after an exceptional rise in January of 15% and continues to push down marginally to new lows. ENT shared financial results for FY2022 on February 2nd and predicted core profit could be as high as £995m, temporarily boosting the share value, but has since come off. The company opened down today and is currently trading at 1,318 GBX. You can check out the most recent financial report for Entain here – Kindred & Entain – Q4 2022 & Full Year 2022 Financial Stats.

Current Price: 1,318 GBX
3 Jan 2023 Open: 1,328.50 GBX

2023 Performance
-10.50 GBX (-0.79%)

Evolution Live Casino
Evolution – (EVO)

  • Evolution also suffered a drop from the interest rate hike news in the UK, but has since recovered half of its losses. The company remains positive that the full year 2023 will be a banner year as they expect substantial growth from new games and a strong demand from their live casino sector. EVO is up 16% in the last month, 22% in the last year and it appears it will continue to break out to new highs. The Swedish-based company is currently trading at 1,299.60 SEK.

Current Price: 1,299.60 SEK
3 Jan 2023 Open: 1,028 SEK

2023 Performance
+271.60 SEK (+26.42%)

Disclaimer: The prices provided on this iGaming Stock Prices 2023 (Issue 4) were at the time of writing this report and are there simply to give you an idea of the market opening Vs current share prices for iGaming companies. For accurate prices, please use a reliable trading platform supplying real time graphs.