New NZ poker machine laws 2023

What’s happening with the New Zealand poker machine laws? Are they changing? And what does this mean for online casino players? (Image from Courtesy of Quintin Gellar)

Under a new government initiative in New Zealand, land-based poker machine operators will need to adapt to a new set of rules coming into effect in 2023.

Also known as video slots or video poker, poker machines are becoming a focal point of the government, which to date has by and large allowed the industry to operate under old laws. With new tech in place, notes are now accepted, and more attractive video arcade-style slots available, the chances of a person developing habits associated with problem gambling are highly increased.

The government clearly doesn’t want to take away people’s right to play casino games, but it does want to mitigate the risk of gambling addiction in the nation.

News of the new changes has been floating around the NZ gambling news columns for some time now, but only recently has the government confirmed that new laws are on the horizon. For now, only one change to the law in the gambling industry is imminent confirmed by an RNZ news story here.

Identifying Problem Gambling: The new NZ rules will put the onus on land-based gambling venues to train staff to spot problem gambling. Those found not doing so could face fines and/or license suspension.

Are New Online Gambling Regulations Coming to NZ?

In the RNZ news report, Jan Tinetti said she “hoped the regulations would show New Zealand was taking a firm stance against gambling”, so there is definitely something cooking.

News of changing regulations for venues hosting land-based poker machine venues comes directly after a recent report that suggests the government is also looking into the possibility of introducing an online regulatory authority in NZ.

With land-based poker/slot machines now a primary focus, the chances are the government is starting to make a slight u-turn on its liberal approach to gambling in the country. And that means for online gambling a domestic NZ licencing authority is almost certainly around the corner. Maybe in 2024, and I would say at the latest by 2025.

Is domestic licensing a good thing? As long as the government keeps its reasonably liberal stance, the benefit for New Zealanders is local player protection under domestic laws. Casinos will also need to operate under local business laws, and there is a tax benefit to the country. On top of this, funds made by the regulatory service, as with many other countries, do not have to be a burden on the tax player as application fees applying for licensing can cover the cost.

What we don’t want to see in NZ: We don’t want to see the same senseless lawmaking as Australia whereby only online sports betting is allowed after new regs banned online casinos thus forcing many Aussies to look for rouge unregulated casinos with no player protection.

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What is the Current Casino Gambling Situation in New Zealand?

Currently, New Zealand is one of the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to gambling. Land-based casinos establishment like the well-known SkyCity Auckland and Christchurch Casino, as well as high street gambling arcades, can operate video slots under the correct licensing. However, when it comes to online gambling, operators cannot run an online casino company from within the country.

Casino players in New Zealand looking for action online via their mobile or desktop device only have one option. Well, they have thousands of options, but they all lead to the same option so to speak, and that is to play at an online casino managed by a company (operator) overseas.

Many of these casinos also accept New Zealand dollars with numerous payment methods available. Plus, unlike some countries like Australia, South Africa and India, there are rarely, if ever, problems with payment providers as many do not have any issue with allowing citizens to fund online gambling accounts.

Quote Would any of this chance under an NZ regulatory authority? I would say it doesn’t have to as long as the new changes follow the same rules and regs used by the Ontario licensing authority in Canada. Players still have the option to play overseas or at locally licensed online casinos.