Gambler Wins Court Case

A British Gambler wins court case against Betfred for refusing to pay out £1.7 Million Prize won in 2018 playing Magic Seven Blackjack. (image: PublicDomainPictures auf Pixabay)

An internet casino gamer from the UK has emerged victorious in a legal battle that lasted three years. This legal battle was against Betfred, a famous gambling operator that decided to withhold the £1.7 million jackpot that was won by the gamer in 2018. This firm stated its reason for this as a ‘defect’ in the game the gambler played.

How the Event Transpired

Andrew Green, a British citizen had fun with Magic Seven Blackjack of Playtech’s Frankie Detorri. This was done with a gambling firm that had Betfred as its host revealed to the court that after spending a long time gambling on his mobile device, he discovered that he was richer by £1,722,923.54.

After discovering the change in his account, he did not bother withdrawing for the next five days. Nonetheless, he considered himself a millionaire. However, when it was time to make a withdrawal, it was impossible for his request to get processed. While trying to make withdrawals, Andrew Green went on to play a good number of bets from his winnings. He did not stop at that as he also had a screenshot which was to stand as proof that it was impossible for him to gain access to the rest of his funds.

After several attempts at withdrawing his funds, an employee of Betfred got in touch with Mr. Green and revealed to him that he could not withdraw his prize because the game he played had a defect. Due to this defect, the likelihood of this game to give out higher wins than it was built to was higher.

That’s not all as the UK-based bookmaker went on to tell Andrew Green that based on its terms and conditions, it had the power to render every ‘pay and play’ void if it could be traced to a malfunction or technical hitch. The gambling firm made it known that Mr. Green did not fail to agree to the 49-page terms and conditions when he opened an account with Betfred.

Court Takes side with The Gambler

Andrew Green brought the attention of the High Court of London to the issue. Also, a ruling was given on Wednesday by Mrs. Justice Foster and this ruling was in Mr. Green’s favor. According to the court,  the particular terms and conditions established by the bookmaker firm were not ideal to handle the situation Mr. Green was involved in.

Three years after his winning, Mr. Green was finally able to withdraw his prize. This also came with an interest.

After the court case, Andrew Green put out a statement. In this statement, he claimed Betfred did not treat him right and he was happy he finally emerged victorious over the gambling firm. He did not end at that. He went on to say his win was a win for himself, as well as, other gamers in similar shoes.

According to Betfred, Andrew Green emerged winner of a jackpot three times. This happened while he played Magic Seven Blackjack. Also, the operator got reports of a software issue from Playtech as they also advised the operator not to authorize payment. Nonetheless, the firm revealed it would adhere to the court’s judgment and no appeal was going to be tendered. It also offered Mr. Green an apology for the delay in his withdrawals.