Belatra Gams Releases Master Of Gold slot

Belatra Games Releases Master Of Gold slot. It is beautifully crafted and beaming with jackpot draws and other amazing features.  (Image Source:

Unique online slots developer, Belatra Games disclosed through its official press release that it is launching its secret Cavern slot, Master of Gold in continuance of its rich vein of form and growing portfolio. This latest release from Belatra is beautifully crafted and beaming with jackpot draws, bonuses with prize bonuses, and is considered a risk game.

How Master Of Gold works

Anyone who plays this new game must take away valuable coins from an old man with grey hair who resides on the forest edge referred to as the enigmatic Master of Gold.  Also, players can earn Free Games when they uncover 3 Master of Gold Scatters, while the super-symbol is the major draw in Bonus Spins which replaces the fourth, third, and second reels. A player can substitute nine common symbols once they find the super symbol which boosts the odds of lining his pocket.

Once a player makes six or more credit symbols available on the reels, the Bonus game will commence with s series of 3 respins within it which offers an additional chance for the jackpot – Mini, Midi, or Grand.  In addition, a player earns 3 more respins each time new credit symbols show on the reels, and this continues until there are no credit symbols to show again. The player can then win a Mega jackpot when all the reels are covered with credit symbols and the overall sum is estimated from the display number.

More Features of The Game

With this new release, players can enjoy the additional enjoyment and extra coins that come with Belatra’s Risk game. All that players need to do is to pick a face-down card from the available four which will double their total if it turns out to be higher than the open card from the dealer. If a player chooses Suit, Black, or Red correctly, then his total will be multiplied by 4 instead of 2. With this new release, players can now purchase bonus spins for the bonus, although it is subject to the amount of credit in the bank (it must be enough).

Belatra’s Top Officer Comments on the New Release

While speaking on the new release, Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing at Belatra Games, Sergey Chernyavski noted that it is a beautiful example of the company’s commitment to creating fun and engaging slot game. He further added that players who play Master of Gold must set themselves against the aged protector to stand a chance to win gold. Lastly, Sergey also pointed out that the bonus game offers vast riches to players who rise to the challenge.